Facebook Gameroom for Windows 10: Check out all these top features

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Facebook Gameroom Windows 10
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Gameroom is Facebook’s attempt to earn a firm holding in the world of PC gaming. The gaming platform is built specifically for Windows 7, the most popular OS among gamers, and Windows 10, and is not compatible with Mac or Linuk. It is up against the likes of Valve’s Steam client, which is currently the dominant PC gaming platform.

For now, Facebook Gameroom for Windows 10 caters more to the casual gamer, while Steam, Battlenet, UPlay, etc, typically attract the more serious, competitive gamer.

However, Facebook’s recent moves, such as releasing Instant Games, Gaming Video, etc, have proven that the company has large plans to expand its presence in the PC gaming industry. Now that you know what Facebook Gameroom is about, lets talk about the features it has to offer.

GameRoom Features

GameRoom has many unique features that sets it apart from other gaming platforms. Knowing the different advantages of Facebook Gameroom for Windows 10 can help users better gauge whether or not it is a application worthy of a download.

Social Experience

Facebook is a social media website that keeps billions of users connected with their friends and family. Therefore, it is not surprising that Facebook is sticking to its guns by alluring potential users of GameRoom by promising a rich, integrated social experience. One way users can use this type of feature is by directly streaming their gameplay to their social media accounts through Facebook Live.

Users can also have layers of friends within the gaming platform, because they will be connected not only to their Facebook friends, but also to a large variety of Facebook groups that are related to gaming. Overtime, more flexible options will be available such as streaming for a select group on messenger, streaming for Facebook groups, and more.

Also, Facebook is teaming up with the likes of Blizzard and Nvidia in order to tap into the esports scene. They are working together with famous You Tubers like StoneMountain and esport teams like Team Dignitas.

GameRoom currently features a “Feed‘ options that allows users to find the juiciest streams being played. Also, since Facebook is trying to become more involved in esports, there is an option called “Watch games Live” which brings you straight to whatever live pro-game you are looking for.

User Friendly

Just like their insanely popular social media website,  Facebook Gameroom for Windows 10 is highly user friendly. This means that you can easily locate the games you have by navigating through an attractive interface. In fact, all the games you are playing online and have downloaded are located on the left  side of the home page.

You do not have to open additional tabs in order to access your library. Looking for new games is also a pleasant experience as all of the games are neatly categorized.

It is  fairly easy to get right into the platform, as you only need your Facebook account’s info to get started. Once you log in to the client, you will be given a simple, quick tutorial that will help you learn the ropes. 

Online Games and Downloadable Games

Gameroom for PC currently offers both downloadable games and online games. The games you play online are based on either HTML5 or Flash. On the other hand, downloadable games are based on Unity and Gameroom SDK.

Downloadable games tend to be more immersive and ‘bigger’, but some of them are not for free. They are in fact divided into three categories: freemium, premium, and trial mode. In addition, Facebook is testing new developing software that will off developers far more flexibility. In theory, the SDK will allow developers to port games that are built on more advanced engines such as Cocos2d, Unreal, and more. This could lead to bigger and better games being developed for Facebook Gamesroom.

Online games can be instantly accessed, without needing to download anything. You will of course however need an online connection. Furthermore, these games are usually simpler and less intricate than downloadable games. While you can still play these type of games through your browser on Facebook.com, it runs much faster and smoother on the Facebook Gameroom platform.


While hardcore gamers may not use Facebook Gameroom for Windows 10 as their primary fix of gaming, the Facebook’s gaming platform is highly attractive to mainstream gamer. The gaming platform is still in its early stages, and Facebook has big plans for it in the future. Facebook Gameroom already offers a good deal to its user as it is convenient, has easy esport access, has a rich social media integration, and much more.

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