Facebook tracks your location if your account is considered a threat

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Facebook is reportedly maintaining a list of user data taken directly from their accounts. You might be surprised to know that Facebook’s ex-employees and existing employees have been affected in that practice.

Facebook has been using its security team to trace people along with their accounts using these details for tracking their location. The Facebook app is used as a tool to track location data that is being collected by the app.

Moreover, the company also keeps an eye on the IP addresses of the users as soon as a user logs in to his account. Facebook uses a tool named “BOLO” or “be on lookout” list in for monitoring potential threats. The list is updated regularly once a week. The social media giant only targets those users whose names have been entered in the BOLO list.

The spokesperson of Facebook admitted the fact that the company actually maintains a list of suspicious people. In an attempt to defend the practice, the spokesperson actually declared the practice to be corporate security standard. He has not shared any details regarding the number of people that are currently on the BOLO list.

It should be noted that Facebook has not defined any particular rules for determining what is a credible enough threat and what action can be labeled as a potential threat.

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BOLO Selection Criteria

A source familiar to the company shared that the company has set it extremely low as far as the selection criteria is concerned. The source stated some scenarios in which a user can end up on the list.

  • The user sends out long email threats
  • A user is repeatedly seen inside the property of the company
  • The user is involved in hate speech against any individual or the company

According to the spokesperson of Facebook, the risk analysis against physical violence is done by using a combination of industry-standard practices and publicly available data. Most of the other companies today maintain a list of potential threats.

Facebook is under the spot light just because of the nature of data that is accessible by the company. No one else has access to the real time location data of the user. That is the reason the search company is being criticized by most of the users declaring the practice to be ethical.

Some of the people are also of the opinion that its just an act by Facebook to ensure the safety of its employees.



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