Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile received a new design, GIF support, and more

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Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application integrated with Facebook’s web-based chat feature and built with a MQTT protocol that allows Facebook users to chat with and call friends on both mobile handsets and the desktop website. According to the company, Facebook Messenger reached 900 million monthly active users in April 2016, a number it expects to grow quickly in the following months as there are more and more people using the popular social network.

For Windows 10 Moile users, a new version of Facebook Messenger version is now available, featuring a new design, many new features and it bug fixes. It is good to know that Facebook’s developers were testing the new version of the application in the past few months, now finally releasing it to the public. In addition, since it is a Universal Windows Platform application, you can already download and install it on any computer that runs on Windows 10 OS.

Facebook Messenger For Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 OS

– Receive notifications whenever you miss a message
– Ability to see whenever you have a message waiting for you with a live tile
– Ability to send and receive videos, GIFs, photos and more
– Ability to use stickers
– Ability to create groups and invite common friends in them (you can also name the groups and set group photos)
– Ability to forward photos or messages to people who were not in the conversation
– Ability to search for groups and people



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