Did you know Facebook spied on teenagers? And initially lied about it?

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Facebook is yet in another controversy. This time, the company admitted they had manipulated the data regarding how much information they got after having spied on teenagers.

Reports revealed that the number of kids that were affected is a lot bigger than the official numbers the company acknowledged in the first place. Most importantly, Facebook didn’t even considered asking for the consent of their parents or the teenagers themselves in regards to data collection.

These facts were shocking for most of the loyal Facebook users who were still trying to cope up with the last year’s data breach scandal.

Facebook was using a Research VPN

This time, Facebook harvested web activity data and user phone information with the help of third party software codenamed “Facebook Research VPN”.

The program accessed private messages, web activity, chats and emails, as the VPN was able to bypass the app store safeguards.

As we all know, in the past Facebook spent up to $200 million to acquire the Israeli Onavo app. The app was accused of spying on users, so it was later removed by Apple in 2018.

Moreover, Facebook was also caught looking into teenagers’ online activities on other popular apps like Snapchat.

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Companies don’t really care about your privacy

Hence, Facebook failed to keep the promise to protect user privacy that it made last year.

Following the data privacy scandals last year, most of the users were ready to quit the platform. Some of them already did. Well, it looks like the recent revelations are going to encourage those who are still sticking with Facebook to do the same.

Nowadays, teenagers are more inclined towards using other popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Abandoning Facebook will be easy for most of them.

Over to you now: Do you still trust Facebook to handle your user data after reading this piece of news? Are you planning to quit the platform in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.



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