Facebook Users Report Video Calling and Chat Problems in Windows 8.1, 10

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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Frustrated Facebook users have issues with video calling and chat functions in Windows 8.1
facebook video call chat issues windows 8.1Facebook users seem to be affected by the Windows 8.1 update, even if we have recently seen an app update in the Windows Store and a lot of positive reviews. Now, it seems that quite a few Facebook users have been reporting the video calling and chat functions not working properly after they have made the Windows 8.1 upgrade.

As you can see in the above screenshot, albeit Facebook 1.2 is recognized as compatible with Windows 8.1, we can see that at the time of writing this, only 126 out of 543 agree with this, which means the vast majority that has voted isn’t pleased. Unlike Skype glitches in Windows 8.1 where we finally have a patch, Microsoft is yet to come up with a fix for this. Here are the most common issues describes by Facebook users:

  • Facebook video calling/chat does not work after windows 8.1 PRO upgrade
  • No longer able to video chat on Facebook
  • Using an unsupported browser or operating system and cannot take your call while using Facebook video call
  • Has anyone managed to get the video call working on Windows 8?
  • Facebook videocall button disappeared, call button in each Facebook profile is disappeared
  • The software that powers video calling is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
  • It looks like a program on your computer may have blocked your video calling software

Some users are also getting the “msvcr110.dll was not found” error and Microsoft Fix it doesn’t seem to work for them in Windows 8.1. You can try running Facebook on Windows 8.1 in compatibility mode, download the latest .NET framework and C+ redistribution to see if it could work for you. This issue is still active and you can follow this open thread from Microsoft’s support forums where most users are still waiting for an official fix.


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  • This is a major problem at our house. How could Microsoft be so careless as not to support the facebook video chat plugin. This is is a big turn-off, and has nearly caused a divorce as I mistakenly put my trust in Microsoft and updated my wife’s laptop to 8.1. Imagine my surprise. No more chatting with the grand children on facebook video chat. One thing to say , Microsoft or Facebook need to fix this ASAP. 🙁