❓ What is Facebook?

Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service that is also the biggest company of its kind in the world as of today.

Although initially, a membership-only platform restricted to Harvard students, it has expanded itself, and as of 2006, pretty much anyone over the age of 13 (depending on local laws), can create a Facebook account.

The platform can be accessed through pretty much any device that supports Internet connectivity, from laptops, PC, and smartphones, all the way to tablets and even Smart TVs.

PC users should know that Facebook is available through two means:

💯 What can I do on Facebook?

Users on Facebook can post pictures, share links, comment on other user’s content, and even communicate with one another via instant messaging or via audio or audio-video calls.

Speaking of which, the Facebook Messenger is treated as a separate app for Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices, although both the Facebook and the Messenger apps can be linked together easily.

Additionally, there are plenty of things to learn about using Facebook. In fact, there are so many tips and tricks that we’ve even included several articles on teaching them to you.

Here are some of them:

🛠️ What are the most common Facebook issues?

Since Facebook can only be accessed via the web app or the UWP app, most issues regarding Facebook connectivity have to do with either fixing common browser issues, or by repairing the Store App itself.

Nevertheless, here are some of the most common Facebook issues that users may encounter when trying to use the service: