Beware: Fake Windows 10 Activators are Lurking Everywhere

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Many people are waiting for latest operating system from Microsoft, and it’s no surprise that every Technical Preview of Windows 10 gets a lot of attention from all of the Windows users worldwide.
fake windows 10 activators
Since Windows 10 got so much attention it’s no wonder to see that cybercriminals are using this opportunity for personal gain. There are many Windows 10 activators available online that will allow you to use Windows 10 without any limitations, but all of these activators are fake and potentially harmful to your computer.

Most of these activators are shown in YouTube videos, and most of these videos will show you how to remove limitations from your Windows 10 step by step.

These scams usually require you to download the activator and run it on your computer, but most of these activators contain malware that can harm your computer.

How the scams work

Some of these scams won’t affect your computer, since they only require you to follow a link and complete a survey thus helping cybercriminal to earn money.

Most of these YouTube videos have a link in their description that will lead you to a file-sharing website. You’ll be able to download fake activator in a form of an archive, but when you try to extract the archive you’ll be asked for a password. Usually these archives contain a text file with a link to a website that will provide you with a password. These websites contain surveys, and when you complete a survey you’ll get to an empty page without a password. Although you didn’t get the password, you got scammed and you unknowingly helped a cybercriminal to earn money by completing this survey for him.

No Windows 10 activation is needed

Remember, Windows 10 Technical Preview is free for everyone and you can download it and install it on as many devices as you want free of charge. No activator is needed since the operating system is automatically activated after installation so no additional code is required.

We have to inform you that Windows 10 Technical Preview will expire on April 15, 2015, but by that date Microsoft will probably finish and release the full version of Windows 10.

If you are running Windows 10 Technical Preview on your computer, you won’t be able to upgrade it to the final and finished version, instead you’ll have to purchase your own copy.

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