Microsoft nearing end of development phase of Fall Creators update

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Fall Creators update

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The end is near for the much anticipated Fall Creators Update from tech giant Microsoft. As the big day approaches, fans are getting ready for all the new features and perks coming to Windows 10. At the same time, Insiders get to test a new build almost every day!

Here’s a quick rundown of a few new updates:

User Interface

Perhaps one of the biggest changes will be the user interface and home screen. Everything from quicker access to contacts to easier file sharing and a resized start menu all promise to make it easier to navigate to the features users need most in a faster, more efficient way.

Better PDFs

Microsoft Edge is receiving improvements in this latest update, too. Specifically, new PDF options like the ability to draw on a PDF using Edge, annotate EPUB documents, a read-aloud feature and more.

Improved Touch & Input

Most devices today use finger touch to navigate and control devices. With this in mind, Microsoft is introducing new improvements to input capabilities and responsiveness to touch across its devices with the upcoming update. Support for Emoji 5.0 will also be included.

Microsoft Edge gets revamped

The Fall Creators Update will definitely make the Edge browser more popular among Windows 10 users. Its new features will convince many users to leave third-party browsers behind:

  • PDF and ePUB support
  • Reading progress synced across all your devices so that can better track your progress
  • Faster browsing experience, and more.

Travel back in time

Timeline lets you jump back in time and back into your files, apps, and sites as if you never left, whether it was one hour or one month ago.

Pick up where you left off

If you log out of one device, you can continue working in your app, document or website on your next device. Moreover, you can also copy and paste between connected devices from your clipboard.

And this is only the beginning. We’re sure that the Fall Creators Update will impress you and if you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, it will convince you to do so.

What features are you most looking forward to with the Fall Creators Update? Let us know in the comments below.



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