Far Cry 5 bugs: Low quality graphics, game won’t launch or crashes

by Madalina Dinita
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far cry 5 bugs
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We’ve got an excellent piece of news for all the gamers out there: Far Cry 5 is now out! If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a hero in your community, simply install this game and stop the fanatical doomsday cult known as Eden’s Gate.

As a player, you need to stand up to cult leader Joseph Seed, lead the resistance and free the oppressed community from under his control.

Well, as it happens with every newly launched game, Far Cry 5 is affected by a bevy of technical issues. In this article, we’ll list the most common Far Cry 5 bugs reported by gamers, so that you know what to expect in terms of issues.

We’re sure that Ubisoft will soon roll out a hot fix to patch these bugs.

Far Cry 5 reported issues

  1. Low quality graphics
  2. Players get stuck on window mode
  3. Arcade Editor crashes
  4. Far Cry 5 crashes
  5. There is no option to buy the game
  6. Launch errors
  7. Huge FPS drops
  8. The mission tracker is unavailable
  9. Sound issues

1. Low quality graphics

If you expected Far Cry 5 would feature top-notch graphics, think again. Many players already complained about low quality graphics issues adding that the characters look like they fell out of a 2010 game.

Even on ultra, the game looks outdated by several years. The Dunia engine has not aged well AT ALL.

Indeed, the game’s textures are muddy and the overall low resolution graphics significantly reduce gamers’ enthusiasm.

Some rumors suggest that Ubisoft intentionally lowered the texture quality probably to get better FPS rates and allow players to run the game on older hardware.

2. Players get stuck on window mode

Many players can’t play Far Cry 5 on full screen because they can’t exit window mode.

In the options it forces me to be in windowed mode. There is no option to change to fullscreen or fullscreen window. Anyone else have this issue?

As a workaround, you can try to first set the game on 1080p resolution and then change the option. After you switched to full screen, you can test another resolution level.

For a better gaming experience, we recommend downloading Game Fire (free). It will help with various gaming issues, such as freezes, crashes, low FPS, lags and slow PC.

3. Arcade Editor crashes

If you can’t launch the Arcade Editor, you’re not the only one. Many gamers reported that the Arcade Editor crashes as soon as they launched it.

After I open the arcade editor and it says it’s going to exit the game, it goes back to desktop and I see it start the editor, but then it goes away. I watched it in task manager and the process just ends, and nothing happens afterwords

4. Far Cry 5 crashes

Speaking of crashes, players also reported that the game suddenly crashes when they get near the bridge. Other players can’t enjoy the game because it crashes shortly after it loads.

if i press play game – it loads – and shortly after that it crashes. no error nothing. it just stops and acts like it was never started

5. There is no option to buy the game

The game is not available yet in certain regions, especially Australia and Asian countries. Instead of the buy button, gamers can only select the DLC button. Although many players have the game preloaded, an error message often informs them that the game is still not released.

It appears this is a Steam problem but the company has yet to issue any official statement about this matter.

UPDATE: Ubisoft officially acknowledged this problem and promised it would deploy a fix as soon as possible.

Hi guys. We are aware of an issue in countries in Asia & Oceania affecting customers’ ability to purchase the game on Steam in the hours since launch. You can keep up to date on the issue here: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1860014-Steam-Availability-Issues-in-Asia-amp-Oceania?p=13400880#post13400880

6. Launch errors

The game is also affected by launch errors. The most frequent one is the following: ‘Cannot create service (startService failed: 1058)‘. Unfortunately, there is no clear solution to fix this issue but you can try disabling background apps and updating your OS/ drivers.

7. Huge FPS drops

Far Cry 5 is also affected by severe FPS drops that seem to be triggered by particular events such as grabbing something off the ground or looting dead bodies.

I’ve noticed this reaally annoying bug : every time a screen pops up, or if I take something off the ground, the game’ll go from 60fps to 0 for 3/4seconds. so when I’m by dead bodies trying to loot them the screen just freezes for 10 seconds. It also happens when a new mission is announced or something like that.

You can fix FPS issues in Far Cry by following the instructions listed in these guides:

8. The mission tracker is unavailable

Many players can’t complete their missions because the mission tracker is unavailable after their characters die. This is quite a severe bug as it forces users to start the problematic missions from scratch.

I am in the exact same position, I died during “the cleansing”, and now I am stuck without a mission marker or anything to go on. I can’t track missions(story or side) from the menu and have to manually do so. Please patch this issue so we don’t have to grind through everything from the start.

If you’re experiencing this issue, you may want to return to the point where this glitch initially occurred. Players confirmed that the mission kicked back in as soon as they approached the problematic point.

I got stuck after clearing the checkpoint on The Cleansing […] For me it happened near the bridge, where the mortar fire is incoming. To get the mission back on track, I had to aproach the small bridge over to where Marle was being held, then it kicked back in!

9. Sound issues

If sound is unavailable during gameplay, the quickest solution to fix it is to restart your device several times. Although this is not a severe bug, it is nevertheless quite annoying as it limits your gaming experience.

I have no sound during gameplay. The pause menus and loading screens have sound and music. When it loads back into the game I have no sounds what so ever.[…]  This issue is game breaking. I will go play something else till it is fixed.

As stated at the beginning of this article, we’re sure that Ubisoft is working at full speed to fix all the issues reported by gamers.

Interestingly enough, despite all these bug reports, Far Cry 5 received very positive reviews on Steam.

How has your Far Cry 5 gaming experience been so far? Let us know in the comments below.


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