Office Insiders on the Fast Ring get “Share With Me” feature

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The Insider program Microsoft has worked on for quite a while is looking quite strong since the company is continuously working on this program.

Previously, the Office team only released Slow Ring equivalent previews to Insider, but starting from August 30, 2016, testers are changed to a new Fast Ring release cycle, which comes with new features.

The Office Insiders that opt-into the Fast Ring will now be able to see a new “Share With Me” feature in the “Office File” settings. This new feature will allow users to become notified when a document is shared with collaborators. Microsoft is suggesting users who decided to join the “Fast Ring” to visit the support page for more details.

If you want to join the Office Insider Fast Level and install the first Fast build, you will need to do the followings:

  • You will need to be already an Office Insider
  • Make sure that you have version 16.0.7341.2021 released for Office Insider last week
  • In any Office 2016 application, head to File -> Accounts -> Office Insider -> Change Level, select “Insider Fast” and accept the terms of use
  • Finally, click the Update Options -> Update Now in order to install the Office Insider Fast build

After, you will notice that you are running the Officer Insider Fast Build version 16.0.7329.1000.

What are your thoughts about Office Insider? Will you join the program to check out the new features that will be added to Microsoft’s Office applications?



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