Faster leveling and harder raids in World of Warcraft new servers

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Upgrades are expected to be faster with the new servers.
  • The old version had become redundant and was no longer challenging to the players.
  • The new servers will increase accessibility and enhance the challenge for player

Players had started losing interest in WoW and slowly stepping away from the game. The experience had largely faded and it wasn’t exciting anymore. However, if you are feeling a bit nostalgic and in the mood for a fresh new start, Blizzard is set to roll out new Classic servers.

The new servers will require players to make a brand new character with enhanced leveling speeds and harder raid bosses. The new servers are known as Season of Mastery.

Improvements coming to the game

Blizzard detailed that players will have an enhanced user experience and will gain experience points from missions making upgrades even faster. In addition, gathering stones found at the dungeons’ entrances will now be summoning stones. The enhanced improvements will help players ease the burden.

To solve the increasing number of players, Blizzard has made the refreshing locations of mining herbs to be more intensive compared to the original game. Perhaps the biggest change is the game has been made to be harder and the update of the copy will be more frequent.

Reason for improvements

The original World of Warcraft classic nostalgic server is divided into six stages and all the content was released in a span of two years. Blizzard plans to release this content within a year. It aims to provide more difficult and satisfying challenges for the players.

At the moment, the exact launch of the Master season server is yet to be announced but there will be a Beta version on October 5 for testing.

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