Many features unavailable on Lumia 1520 running latest Windows 10 Mobile build

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Microsoft  recently rolled out Windows 10 build 14385 for both PC and Mobile, offering Insiders another glimpse into the upcoming Anniversary Update content. Dona Sarkar, chief of the Windows 10 Insider Team, boasted on her blog post that the latest build brings “a few hundred bug fixes we wanted to get out to Insiders as quickly as possible.”

However, Insiders have also learned through their own experience that build 14385 also introduces issues of its own. For example, Lumia 1520 owners have noticed that a series of features are currently unavailable on their phones.

Lumia 1520 users report that “Hey Cortana” is not available, the Lumia motion data feature doesn’t work, and the call record feature is nowhere to be seen.

Build 14385

Firm ware 02540.00019.15236.45004

1.I do not have the Call recording feature that was comes built in with the OS

2.i do not have Hey cortana

3.Lumia motion data is not working even after soft and hard reset nor is the Motion data app working. to be precise sensorcore is not working

may i know why the following features are not available ?

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Support engineers have been unable to answer this question. Furthermore, they provided users with copy-paste answers, suggesting them to perform a phone reset, although users clearly mentioned they had already tried this solution without success.

And these are not the only issues impacting Lumia 1520 running build 14385, as it appears that the brightness settings is unresponsive:

i am using the Lumia 1520 and in the latest build 14385

the brightness setting are not working.

even when i change betwen auto medium and low there is no change in the display .

but at times the phone automatically goes to some random brightness.

For the time being, Microsoft doesn’t have a clear answer as to why certain features are unavailable on Lumia 1520 running build 14385, let alone a solution.

However, it’s not all bad news around Lumia 1520. Microsoft has finally fixed those annoying battery issues users had been complaining about for months.

We have improved battery life for older devices, such as the Lumia 830, 930, and 1520.

Meanwhile, if you’ve already found a solution to fix this feature unavailability issue on Lumia 1520, you can share it in the comment section below.


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Guys, the people who are facing problem of shut down of lumia 1520 at any random percentage, i suggest you to kindly check your batteries. I have also faced the same problem after the official windows 10 update(not the insider one)…the issue of random switching off is due to battery not coz of os. I have replaced my batter and now I am using windows 10 official update…its working like new.

How do you get Windows 10 Update?, I have restore my phone back to Windows 8.1 Update 1 to see whether it is the OS. But I can’t see any Windows 10 mobile Update (Unless I am going back to the Insider).

well, I’m using Lumia 930 – sensorcore is dead also for me, since like 7 days ago. Hard for me to say – I developed some apps for WP some time ago, currently using my 4th phone from them – Windows 10 Mobile sucks totally now when it comes to usability and responsiveness.

I still find my Nokia 1520 battery issue have not been fix on build 14385 as stated. It still drain very fast. my discharge speed is 6.41 percent / hour previously on 4-5 percent / hour (at one stage, it was 21 percent /hour, then I rebooted it went back to around 6%). Also the most annoying thing is the phone show it still have 10% battery but the phone automatically switch off ? (when you plugin to charge you can see that you still have battery). The discharge rate is from the “Battery” app from App Store by Enless Soft Ltd. WiFi issue still not fix, I have to reboot the phone to connect to different WiFinetwork (I can see that I was connected, but there is a message said – no internet connection). I have now set my phone to go into battery saving mode after 70% 🙁 (Shocking).

Same issues ever since W10 update. After draining over 20% for using IE for less than 10 minutes, it will just give me the battery critical warning and turn off. Sometimes it will turn on with the same (60% or so) battery left. Sometimes it will have drained completely.

I’m Lumia 1520 user. Step i taken
1. i roll back to 8.1
2. and reset devise… result brightness start working but battery problem still exist
3.i upgrade to windows 10 again it was 10586.107 and again reset hard still battery problem exist
4.i update 14388 build fast ring and reset the phone. battery drain issue still exist

i noticed all lumia 1520 user facing same battery issue i thinks it is beacuse of OS not hardware

Auto brightness works on my Lumia 1520 on the current build and prior builds. So, it is not occurring on all of them. I haven’t tried Hey cortana lately, though I have been meaning to. I have never had the Lumia motion data work for me on Windows 10, so I have not purchased a MS Band.