Windows Will Now ask Insiders for Feedback ‘Automatically’

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Guided by the experience with Windows 8, where users didn’t welcome it as Microsoft planned, the company introduced a new way of developing and delivering new features for Windows 10 by allowing users to give feedback on what they like and what they want to be changed in the operating system with the Windows Insider program.

Collecting feedback from users actually worked out well for Microsoft, because every new build for Windows 10 is based on users’ feedback. And users should be satisfied, as well, because they’re able to participate in the development of the operating system.

One concern with the Feedback option is that Microsoft collects data from users’ computers by default, and a lot of users feel that their privacy is being threatened in Windows 10.  But I guess that’s the cost of being an Insider, after all.

Starting with Windows 10 build 14271, users are not allowed to turn off the feedback feature as it gets locked in the Settings app. It’s impossible to turn it off because the Windows Insider program “manages this option,” which essentially means it is able to overwrite the code for Settings.

We will see just how often we are being bugged by this new option, but if you get really annoyed, there’s just a single way to make it stop besides abandoning the Insider program – roll back to the November update.

Users are starting to get an impression that Microsoft wants to control what they do on their computers. Microsoft is also bullish about the Windows 10 upgrade, basically trying to force them to upgrade. And there are still many out there who are just happy with previous versions.

What do you think about Microsoft’s new approach for collecting your feedback? Will you remain in the Windows 10 Insider program after this? Tell us in the comments.


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