FIFA 15: UT Game for Windows Gets a Must-Have Update, Free Download

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Electronic Arts’ FIFA 15: UT game for Windows devices is one of the best available from the Windows Store. We’ve covered its main features in our previous review and now it’s time to talk about a major update that it has received.

I spent quite a lot of hours in front of my Windows tablet playing FIFA 15: UT. I finished pretty much everything there was, but now I’m glad that a new update has been rolled out by the good guys over at Electronics Arts.

EA invites players to ‘update now to take your management skills to the next level’, and here are the things that have been changed:

  • Unlock new boosts and tactics as you make progress in your new position. Use rewards to make your Ultimate Team even stronger!
  • Harness your team’s power on a specific pitch location and allow players to receive attribute boosts while they make plays.
  • Choose between “Through Ball” and “Skill Moves” to keep your footwork tight.
  • Get up-to-date players from the most recent transfer market.

The game, of course, remains available as a free download from the Windows Store, as the company is making its profits from in-game purchases. But be it as it may, i still remains a pretty cool game to play. What’s your take on it so far?

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