FIFA 17 grass texture issues to be solved by upcoming patch

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Many FIFA 17 gamers can take this proverb literally due to the annoying grass texture issues they have been complaining about since the game was launched.

For many players, the grass appears flat in FIFA 17 demo. EA acknowledged this issue in September, but the first game patch still hasn’t fixed this bug. What is even more unsettling for gamers is that EA hasn’t issued any comments or updates on this issue since September.

FIFA 17 grass appears flat in demo

Hello, when ever i was trying FIFA17 DEMO i noticed that problem. My all settings at ULTRA but GRASSES looks like in LOW settings. (Flat and ugly.) I never had a problem like that in any other next-gen games. […] A few friends of me have same problem but some of them don’t… I bought my laptop a week ago. I’m sure about there is no problem with my computer or drivers. I’m also sure that my all drivers up to date… I was thinking to buy full game aswell but if full game will be like that too why would i??

This comment perfectly describes the main consequence triggered by this grass texture bug: potential customers will think twice before purchasing the game, fearing they’ll come across the same bug in the full version of the game as well.

FIFA 17 flat grass

FIFA 17 gamers never stopped contacting EA to report this issue: “Guys we need to keep contacting them. They want us to get tired of this. We can’t give them what they want.”

It appears that this persistence eventually paid off. One gamer recently informed the FIFA 17 community that EA confirmed the grass texture bug would be repaired in the next patch – this roughly means in two weeks’ time.