FIFA 18’s first major update breaks the game, but here’s how to fix it

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FIFA 18 title update bugs

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FIFA 18 recently got its first major patch. The update is available on PC and should land on the Xbox One in the following days.

As expected, the patch fixes a series of bugs, ranging from crashes and graphics issues to transfer issues. At the same time, the update also brings issues of its own, as many gamers report.

In this article, we’re going to list the most frequent post-update problems reported by players, as well as their corresponding workarounds, if available.

FIFA 18 update bugs

Game crashes

Although this update is aimed at fixing a series of crashes affecting the game, players who hadn’t experienced any issues of the kind prior to installing the patch, are now complaining that the game has become unplayable. More specifically, the game crashes shortly after they hit the play button.

So I just downloaded the title update and now the game crashes a couple of minutes after I start a match. Anyone else have the same problem? Did 2 games, 1 squad battle and 1 offline seasons match. great update…

To fix this problem, try using the following workaround:

  1. Right-click on FIFA 18 > select Game priorities> go to Advanced start options> Game language
  2. Change your game language in the Origins game library to a different language
  3. Wait for the game to verify your installation and download the new language files
  4. Switch back to your original language > wait for the game to perform same steps again.

Game lags

Some players report that the game lags quite frequently after installing the latest update. Sometimes, the issue is so severe that the whole game appears to be in slow-motion.

Hello! After today’s update fifa cut scenes starded lagging , the menu , the arena , goal celebrations and even basic cutscense like when the ref is showing a card , all are lagging , anybody has a solution?

For more information on how to fix game lags, this article may help you.

Game closes and returns to Windows

Gamers also report that sometimes FIFA 18 closes unexpectedly, without any error codes and simply returns to Windows.

After the update i cant play any FUT game mode, after few minutes of game the game close, and i’m back to windows. No crash error or anything. i don’t check other modes, but i believe problem will happened everywhere.

These are the most common bugs affecting FIFA 18 gamers after installing the title update. If you’ve encountered other issues, tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.



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