FIFA 20 gamers disappointed by lack of beard customization

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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Down to its core, FIFA is all about letting you control some of the most well-known football teams around the world.

This means that you’ll get to see a lot of familiar faces, but you also have the chance to create your own players.

If you’re fresh to FIFA and don’t know how player customization works, it’s pretty much the same as creating a character in an RPG.

The problem is that EA hasn’t always been the best at character customizations.

This is seen in FIFA 20 as well, as people are now critisizing the lack of beard customizations.

FIFA 20 players want more beard customization options

Users on the FIFA fan forums are expressing their displeasure regarding the lack of general customization options in FIFA 20:

I’m really disappointed by the lack of beards for manager/player customization. In the Beta, there was a Rainbow beard thing that was longer than the others, and in the full game, it’s gone. I would be happy with even that beard back in the game, minus the colors though.

In the end, they end up criticizing EA for how it has a long history of ignoring customization settings.

They even go as far as to compare FIFA 20 with other games of its generation:

Yeah EA are very poor with facial hair, look at games like Red Dead Redemption 2 compared to EA games with facial hair, different levels.. Baffled how EA handle customization

This is just one of the many issues players are complaining about the latest FIFA entry.

If you advertise the ability to create your own character, you might as well give players the full package.

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