FIFA 20 companion app confuses players

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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FIFA 20 won't bid

FIFA 20 is the latest entry in a long-lasting game series that spans more than two decades already.

Technology evolved with time, and tools to make the game more enjoyable have appeared throughout the year.

One good example is the FIFA 20 Web App.

With the release of FIFA 20s Web App, players have already started asking questions about it.

The purpose of the Web app is to facilitate a player’s access to the FUT Transfer Market, making player trading far easier.

The problem is that there are many issues that aren’t very clear about the Web app, and this concerns users.

First of all, it would seem that not everyone will have access when the Web App launches.

Supposedly you will get a message telling you whether you can access in-game when the game launches, or whether you are banned completely.

You are the only one that can grant you access to the companion app, by doing what the message tells you, and no one official from EA can grant access.

One question asked by pretty much everyone on the official forums is this one:

[…]but the transfer ban does not carry over to the console right? only web app?

Theoretically, whatever ban you may have gotten on the previous FIFA 19 season should not carry over.

This means that at least as far as the Web App is concerned, you should be ok to go.

What to do to qualify for the Companion App

Unfortunately, the terms and conditions weren’t very clear, so only the message you’ll receive will definitely let you know what your current standing is.

Another issue is that, as you may know, you need to play a certain amount of games before you can use the FUT Transfer Market.

The problem is no one knows exactly how many games need to be played:

So spoke with EA help… Have to play the games to get access but no one knows how many games according to them. Could be 200 who knows so basically I am again without a feature of a game I paid money for

Regardless, players are extremely eager to find out what the outcome will be, and are keeping a close eye on their accounts for any messages.

More so, questions, statements, and answers are going back and forth:

You realize that even having a web app in the first place isn’t a right, it’s a privilege?

Those with experience from previous FIFA titles know that the Web App won’t probably be available at launch.

However, most users agree with this decision.

This is because they prefer a quality tool that comes out late, rather than a rushed hack job.

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