Many FIFA 20 players think finesse shots ar broken

by Teodor Nechita
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Many FIFA 20 players think finesse shots ar broken

Plenty of FIFA 20 players believe that finesse shots need to be nerfed.

They stated that finesse shots have been made to be far too straight and powerful.

In fact, those that have tried the demo said that finesse shots are even more powerful now.

[…] played some squad battles realized how much power they could get. Hazard can score from all over the place. Even if i shoot straight at the GK, they seem to go in with all the power.

Normally a bit of extra speed and accuracy wouldn’t be all that bad.

Unfortunately, finesse moves seem all the more overpowered given the overhaul to FIFA 20’s defending mechanics.

Now finesse moves made from pretty much any angle within 18 yards are enough to bypass a now sluggish goalkeeper.

The problem is that this issue can even happen between a low-rated shooter and a high-rated goalkeeper.

[…] even a 76 rated LM last night scored a banger against my 85 rated GK from a weird angle

This wouldn’t be the only issue FIFA 20 players are facing when it comes to special moves.

Some users out there are finding it difficult to score with headers as well.

Some FIFA 20 users like the new finesse mechanics

Curiously enough, some players believe that finesse shots are actually perfectly balanced.

In their opinion, players just need to get used to the new defending mechanics, which are now more manually controlled instead of being driven by an AI.

Gonna sound silly but defend better. My defending has improved dramatically and you have to force your opponent to have no angle to shoot. Takes time but force them wide and let them panic.

Whichever the case, we can only get a clear understanding of whether or not the game is balanced after the first few weeks of the game.

Until then, all players can do is get better at defending, leave their opponents with no angle to shoot, and wait for some new game updates.

Given that the sides are pretty much 50-50 on the matter, what are your opinions about the new finesse shots?

Lets us know your opinion in the comments below!

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