FIFA 20: Is it now impossible to score headers?

by Teodor Nechita
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FIFA 20 users say headers are unreliable

FIFA 20 users are complaining about the mechanics used now when it comes to scoring with headers.

To sum it up:

Srsly, if you play a wide formation with crosses its just ridiculous. Impossible to score a header, even the easy ones are too hard.

It would seem that users used to playing FIFA 19 and other previous titles are now considering headers to be incredibly hard to rely on in-game.

I’ve missed several headers with Kane when it’s an open net and there no players around me. The accuracy just seems completely off to me. Don’t understand what it is I’m doing wrong.

What to do if you find headers unresponsive

Before everything else, you must know that FIFA 20 has been through a mechanics change when it comes to both attacking and defending.

Defending has been made to be more manually-controlled, but more rewarding in case of good handling.

Offensive stats are now far more transparent, and they actually reflect the abilities of a player’s real-life counterpart.

As stated in the forums:

Players like Bas Dost, Sergio Ramos, CR7, Cavani, Fellaini etc. are absolute beasts in the air!

On the other end of the spectrum, players such as Vardy or Eriksen can no longer be expected to hit the target every time on a header.

One good tip if you’re still encountering issues with headers is to do the following:

Press and hold RB/LB (R1/L1) while jumping and then press the shoot button.

Headers will become far more reliable and responsive, and will most likely become a common part of your offensive tactics.

Some users agree that now headers aren’t impossible and that it just takes practice and actual skill to get them now.

What is your opinion on the matter?

Do you believe headers are now more realistic or just plain unreliable?

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