FIFA 2019 bugs: Want to learn what issues are still affecting the game?

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FIFA 19 game issues

FIFA 19 is the latest entry in EA Games’ famous football game series, and in keeping with “tradition”, a lot of bugs have been reported over the months since its release:

Some of the most common FIFA 19 reported bugs include:

  1. Users can’t bid at certain points
  2. Some players could not complete the ‘Perfectionist” objective
  3. Several players could not complete the “The Swap Deals Player II” objective
  4. Dutch goals aren’t registering
  5. Players can’t play their own games on Weekend League.

List of frequent FIFA 2019 game issues

1. Users can’t bid at certain points

When bidding for an auction on a new player online, users have reported that sometimes the “Make bid” button would become unresponsive and would no longer increase their bid.

Here’s how users described the issue:

Have you ever found yourself in a bidding war at 30 seconds left then suddenly you couldn’t bid anymore even though the price didn’t change ? Then you frantically clicking on the “Make bid” button without success while the clock ticking. Finally you had to press F5 hoping the site to refresh fast enough just to find the bid ended right before your eyes at dirt cheap price.

The same players that reported this problem confirmed that after further testing, they found a workaround the issue. All you had to do is Unwatch any player from your transfer targets and then press Watch again to continue bidding.

2. Some players could not complete the Perfectionist objective

Players have been reporting that the Perfectionist objective is no longer achievable, while those that played it since launch said that that wasn’t the case in the beginning, and it must have been broken in subsequent patches.

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3. Several players could not complete the The Swap Deals Player II objective

Players have reported that The Swap Deals Player II, an objective that ties into getting the “Perfectionist” is also bugged.

Here’s how users described the issue:

The Swap Deals Player II objective isn’t working for me, so even though it doesn’t say I’ve finished it and I’ve finished it I’ll get the Perfectionist once it’s fixed?

4. Dutch goals aren’t registering

Several players reported that their Ducth goals weren’t registering. Here’s how users described the issue:

My Dutch goals aren’t registering. Just won 3-1 and scored twice with depay, but still says 0/3. What gives?

In the case of both issues #3 and #4, players stated that swap deals bugs should show complete if you back out of FUT and re-enter.

5. Players can’t play their own games on Weekend League

A few players have reported that their controllers were becoming unresponsive during Weekend League matches and that the game would just play itself.

Here’s how users described the issue:

It appears I’m not allowed to play my own games on weekend league, well done EA […] Update, got kicked after 15 in game minutes. I was 1-0 up though. Did get a loss.

The current cause of this bug is unknown and it was reported that EA couldn’t locate what causes this bug or don’t bother fixing it because it doesn’t affect many players.

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That would be the end of the list, for now. As you may have guessed for yourself, even more than half a year since the official launch, FIFA 19 is still full of bugs.

While some may be gamebreakers and some may be just minor inconveniences, general solutions such as installing the latest patches and keeping your hardware updated are among the many things you should do to improve your gameplay experience.

If you encountered other bugs while playing FIFA 19, do not hesitate to use the comment section bellow to express your own opinions.

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