Get your FIFA 21 rewards with the new web and mobile apps

by Vlad Constantinescu
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  • FIFA 21 will also include web and companion apps, much like its predecessors. Both apps could bring returning players various rewards.
  • You can use the web and companion apps to manage your team, as well as buy and sell players even while you're away from the game.
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FIFA 21 companion web app

It seems that FIFA 21 doesn’t want to break the pattern and will also include web and companion apps, much like its predecessors.

The FUT 21 web app has already been released on September 30, while the companion app is expected to arrive on October 1st.

Fans have been disappointed to learn that FIFA 21 won’t have a demo version, and it appears that the web app could be the first taste of the FIFA 21 experience for many.

What is FUT 21 web app?

FUT 21, standing for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, is an official web app that allows you to manage your FIFA 21 team when you’re not in-game, regardless of which platform you’re playing it on.

You can use the FUT 21 web app to manage your team, as well as buy or sell players on the market before the game launch. Furthermore, the app enables you to engage in various challenges or open FUT packs.

Fans will be delighted to find that returning players will also receive rewards. If you’ve interacted with the FUT 20 web app, you’re definitely in for a treat.

Naturally, it’s required that returning players must own FIFA 21 to be eligible for the rewards.

FUT 21 goes handheld

Like its predecessors, FUT 21 has a handheld version, called a companion app. This app can be installed on handheld devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets), so you can take your Ultimate Team on the go.

The companion app is expected to go live on October 1st, at 6 PM (UK time). On the other hand, due to the expected massive number of login attempts, users might experience certain errors.

Some server issues might occur

As with anything else hype-worthy, FIFA 21’s web and companion apps‘ launch might trigger some server issues.

For instance, certain users reported that the system didn’t recognize their FUT Club being associated with their accounts, while others haven’t been able to access the web app altogether for a while.

Other users didn’t receive a security code so that they could log into the web app. An official response was shortly formulated, and the EA team announced that they’re looking into the issue of the delayed emails.

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