File Explorer will get a Dark Theme in Windows 10 RS5

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file explorer dark theme

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There’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that for the first time Microsoft offers a dark theme for a Wind32 app aka File Explorer. The bad news is that this feature has yet to be officially announced which means that there is still time for the company to change its mind.

Back in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update era, Microsoft decided to add a dark theme to Windows 10. The company has been doing this for years for its Windows phones. In the fall of 2017, Xbox users received a light theme option. Microsoft’s move regarding more theme option is stemming from the fact that the ability to choose between multiple color scheme has been gaining more popularity.

File Explorer Dark Theme is coming

file explorer dark theme

Rafael Rivera was the first to discover the new addition that seems to be hidden quite well in Windows 10 build 17650. The build is only available to Insiders on the Skip Ahea. It’s also in the works for the moment which means that more development is required before the new features get completed and become ready for roll out to the general public. Once it becomes available to the world, you’ll be able to toggle it on and off via the system-wide theme setting.

This is the first time that the setting reaches a Win32 app

The system-wide theme setting has been controlling elements that are included in the general Windows 10 UI and also various UWP apps. But this event marks the first time that this option comes to a Win32 app such as File Explorer.

The news is nonetheless great because the number of dark themes enthusiasts is growing. If things go as planned, File Explorer will be receiving a dark theme option with Redstone 5 coming this fall.



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