File Explorer could be overhauled in Windows 10 Redstone 2

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update was eagerly awaited by millions of users, but its performance was criticized by a bunch of Redditors who experienced various problems. We’re going to leave these problems aside and focus on the appearance of the File Explorer which… hasn’t changed a bit in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Some users have noticed this and they’re hoping that Microsoft will do something about it in Redstone 2, which is the next big release.

A Redditor named MorphicSn0w has created a concept in which he showed what Windows 10 adopters expect from the File Explorer. Since Microsoft hasn’t developed an update that includes the tab support, which has been requested by users a long time ago, this option has been introduced in the concept developed by MorphicSn0w. In Microsoft won’t bring this functionality in Redstone 2, then you will still be able to install third-party file managers that have tabs.

Another addition in the concept is the hamburger menu icon which gives access to some folders and settings that are found on the computer, but at the same time, File Explorer is brought in line with the other Windows 10 applications.

There are many things that should change, but Microsoft refuses to say a word about what improvements will be made to the File Explorer. Some say that Microsoft has been working on some updates, but they weren’t included in the Anniversary Update for some reason, while others are worried that the application will never be overhauled.

Maybe Microsoft will take a look at the concept images posted on Reddit and will be inspired to add some small tweaks that will make the old-school File Explorer look better. And if the awaited changes won’t be brought in Redstone 2, don’t worry, because Microsoft already scheduled the second major update codenamed Redstone 3, which will be released next year.



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