File Explorer receives design changes in Windows 10

by Ivan Jenic
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File Explorer is one of many Windows 10 features that received some adjustments in Windows 10 Preview build 14328. However, these changes are not functionality improvements as Microsoft just redesigned the File Explorer icon and removed it from the taskbar.

Microsoft said that its designer team wanted to revamp the icon to better fit the Windows 10 environment. The new version of the icon now has a monochrome design but still keeps its recognizable core. It’s clear that Microsoft wanted a new design for the File Explorer icon but didn’t want to experiment too much, as users already were used to the traditional design.

Microsoft also removed File Explorer from the taskbar. File Explorer doesn’t show up in the taskbar by default anymore, but users can always pin it back. Microsoft stated that it wanted to provide more space in the taskbar, so one default icon had to go and it was decided that File Explorer will be that icon.

However, a lot of users find the File Explorer icon in the taskbar useful, so this change might not be welcomed by all Insiders. If you’d also like to bring back the File Explorer icon to the taskbar, you can do so easily. If you’re not sure how to pin File Explorer back to the taskbar, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Search (Cortana)
  2. Type File Explorer
  3. Right-click on the File Explorer icon in the search results, and choose “Pin to taskbar”pin file explorer to the taskbar

After performing this simple action, the File Explorer icon will show up in the taskbar once again and you can use it as before.

Unfortunately, as the File Explorer icon is removed from the taskbar by default, it will disappear whenever you install a new Windows 10 Preview build, so you’ll have to repeat the process. But you’ll have to deal with it only while you’re in the Insider Program. Once this change arrives for regular users, you can pin it once and it will stay like that (until the next major update, perhaps).

Let us know in the comments: what do you think about the new File Explorer icon? Do you prefer it in the taskbar or you prefer more space?


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