Final Fantasy XV dishes and recipes: Here’s where to find ingredients

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Final Fantasy players can cook various dishes at camps that provide benefits to players, making characters stronger and more resilient. The catch is that you need to acquire the ingredients for each recipe during the game by gathering, buying or snatching them from enemies.

Each character has a favorite dish which is put right after the food’s name. By eating it, they get extra benefits. Ignis is the group’s cook and his cooking skills determine the recipes he can prepare. The more he cooks, the better his cooking skill becomes, unlocking new recipes.

In this article, we’re going to list all the recipes available in FFXV, the places where you can find the ingredients, as well as the extra benefits your characters gets by eating these delicious meals.

Final Fantasy XV food recipes

Food DishesWhere/how to Find itStats
1.Flame-Roasted ToastDefault at startAttack +10
2.Toasty Rice BallsDefault at start (No ingredients needed)HP +50
3.Croque MadameDefault at startAttack +30
4.Veggie Medley StewDefault at startAttack +20, HP +150
5.Mystery Meat SushiLuncheon meat purchaseAttack +50, HP +100
6.Burly Bean Bowl (Prompto)eat Chilli con Carne eaten (Hammerhead) to unlockAttack +40, HP +300
7.Prairie-Style Skewers (Gladiolus)Cooking Lvl 2Attack +40 Hp +200
8.Multi-Meat SandwichPick Aegir Root found north of (Golden Quay) onlyHP +100 EXP Boost +20%
9.Oil-Drizzled Steamed FishCooking Lvl 3Attack +60, HP +200, Magic Boost +50
10.Grease Monkey’s Schnitzel Sandwich ( Noctis)Eat Hot sandwhich at (Hammerhead) finish his third sidemission to getAttack + 80 HP +200
11.Breaded Cutlet with Tomato (Ignis)Cooking Lvl 4Attack +60, HP +250
12.Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak (Prompto)Acquire Dualhorn Steak drop kill in (Three valleys)Attack +50, Hp +200
13.Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-fryRead Orienteering Checkpoint poster at silo right of motel, (Longwythe Rest Area)Attack +200, Hp Regen 50%
14.Dish and Chips (Noctis)Order Kenny’s Fries from Crows Nest DinerHP +300
15.Dry-Aged Tender Roast StewGarula Sirloin required, Kill Garula in Duscae or purchased at (Wiz Chocobo Post)Attack +80, HP +250
16.Grilled Wild TrevallyGiant Trevally Galdin Trevally Fished at (Vannath Coast) Daytime use Poppeck Chocobo)Attack +70, HP +100
17.Charcuterie on ToastFine Gighee Ham Purchased at food vendor in (Wiz chocobo,Lestallam, Old Lestallum)Attack +80 HP, +200
18.Creamy Fowl SautéCooking Lvl 5Attack +80, HP +400, Poisonproof:Prevents poison
19.Fried Frontier Skewer (Gladiolus)Kill Bulette for Shank, found in duscae or hunt quest Hammer the cannibals (Cauthess Rest Area)HP +500, Crit Boost +30
20.Peppery Daggerquill Rice (Prompto)Purchase Bird-Broth Rice with Curry from the Surgate’s Beanmine restaurant in (Lestallum)Attack +80 HP, +250 Regen +25%
21.Quillhorn SoupHarvest Wild Onions can be found east of (Cauthess Rest Area or near Old hotty Ranch)Attack +100, Regen +75%
22.Creamy Crustacean OmeletteObtained from Shieldshears Big crab near (Greyshire Glacial Grotto)Attack +100, Magic +100, HP +400
23.Egg-Fried Crustacean BowlIron Shelf Recipe Vol.1 (Old Lestallum)Attack +100, Magic +100, HP +600
24.Battered BarramundiCheckpoint poster in (Galdin Quay) near the beach and arms dealerAttack +100, HP +500
25.Crown City Dive-Style DumplingsIn tunnel south part of (Norduscaen Blockade) tunnel part of Ever Regalia questAttack +100, MP + 100, HP +300
26.Ace Hunter’s Schnitzel(Coernix Station – Cauthess) go south of station on door of shackAttack +120, HP +400
27.Stacked Ham SandwichComplete A Feathery Feast sidequest at (Wiz Chocobo Post) and eat Fat chocobo Triple DeckerHP +400, EXP BOOST 50%
28.Grilled Wild Barramundi (Noctis)Catch Crag Barrmundi at (Neeglyss Towerfront) daytime with Sweet Jamming: Custard baitAttack +80, Magic +80, HP +500
29.Fluffy Chiffon Cake (Ignis)Cooking Lvl 6Defense +200, Spirit +200, HP +1000
30.CannedwichWatch a woman eat it at (Prarie Outpost) after Chp 3Attack +100, HP +300
31.Garden CurryGather Schier Tumeric found near (Coernix Station Alstor) SouthAtttack +80, HP +500, Flameproof +50
32.Triple Truffle RisottoFind/buy Alstrooms found south of lake at (Coernix Station Alstor) or buy at(Old Lestallum) (HP +400 Regen +75%, Poisonproof:Immune to poison
33.Robust Bean Soupreach Cooking LVL 7HP +600, Hp Recovery 50%, Technician : accelerate tech bar
34.Meat-and-Beet Bouillon (Prompto)(Prairie Outpost) crate by weapons truck Oric Culinary ChronicleAttack +100, HP +100, Poisonproof: Prevents poison
35.Free-Range Fowl Over Riceacquire Basilisk Breast can be found west side (Vesperpool) BanksAttack +100, HP +500, Regen +25%
36.Creamy Milk RisottoReach Cooking LVL 8HP +600 Regen +75% Toadproof: Prevents Toad
37.Lestallum Stewed TripePurchase Offal Stew, (Lestallum) – Tostwell GrillMagic +200, Regen +75%
38.Fried Rookie on Rice(Lestallum), on table across from Cup Noodles truckAttack +100, HP +400, Poisonproof: Prevents poison
39.Toadsteak DrumsticksObtain Gigantoad Steak (Rainy days Duscae)Attack +120, MP +100, HP +500
40.Meldacio Meat Pie (Prompto)Purchase Mama Ezma’s Meat Pie, (Meldacio Hunter HQ)Attack +150, Magic +150, HP +500
41.Fisherman’s Favorite Paella (Ignis)Order the Sea’s Bounty Risotto at Mother of Pearl restaurant (Galdin Quay)Attack +120, Regen +25%, HP +600
42.Nebula Salmon TeriyakiCatch Nebula Salmon (Rachsia Bridge) Evening use Deadly Waters: Sahagin baitAttack +150, Magic +150, HP +600
43.Salmon-in-a-Suit(Malmalam Thicket) parking lot, on camp platform Olric’s Culinary ChroniclesAttack +120, HP +700
44.Croaker in Brown SauceSaxham Outpost farm, table under overhang (Look at map right on the “A” of in Sax)Attack +150, HP+600, Toadproof: Prevents toad
45.Skewered Wild Trout (Gladiolus)gather Trout fillet, plenty of trouts found at (River Wennath), morning use whiskers: Crystals, Daytime use Burrower: Green Sandworm, and Evening Whiskers: Pearly MoogleAttack +150, HP +800, Toadproof: Prevents toad
46.Packed Mushroom StewGather Vesproom near (Vesperpool)Last Stand: Significantly increase Strength and Magic but drastically reduce hp, Attack +200, Magic +200
47.Moist Tomato CakeAcquire Killer Tomato at (Lestallum)Defense +200, Spirit +300, HP +1000
48.Crispy Fish FritterwichAcquire Zipper Baramundi Catch at (Rachsia Bridge) in Daytime with Hot Breather: Red DragonAttack +160, HP +800
49.Hot Hopper SkewersGather GarlicEqualizer: Increases damage dealt based on the level difference between party and enemy, Toadproof: Prevents Toad
50.Darkshells MarienieresGather Cleigne Darkshell Near (Cape Caem) west near camp with the fishing spotAttack +100, Technician: Accelerate Tech bar
51.Paella de PolloOric’s Culinary Chronicles Entry 6 near entrance to (Steyliff Grove Dungeon)Attack +150, HP +500
52.Tomalley-Filled Dumplings (Ignis)(Old Lestallum) on bench near dinerAttack +100, Magic +200, HP +300
53.Beanball Croquettes(Alpine Stable Parking Lot near Pallereth pass) in ruined buildingHP +500, Resilient: Prevents most status ailments
54.Golden Egg Galette(Cape Caem) outpost, path up to lighthouseAttack +120, HP +400
55.Sweet & Spicy Cygillan Crabfind/purchase Cygillan Crab (Lestallum or Altissa)Attack +100, HP +200, Flameproof: Flame resistence +70
56.Kenny’s Original Recipe (Ignis)Kenny’s Salmon, any Crow’s Nest dinerAttack +150, Defense +200
57.Mother and Child Rice Bowl (Noctis)watch woman eat at (Lestallum) overlookHP +1000, Exp Boost +30%, Perception +50%
58.Prime Garula Rib (Gladiolus)Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 2 at (Wiz Chocobo Post)Endurance Boost, HP +500
59.Garulessandwich (Noctis)Acquire Cleigne WheatAttack +120, HP +600
60.Horntooth Meat Pie (Ignis)see hunter eat at (Meldacio Hunter HQ)Attack +160, Magic +160, HP +600
61.Hunters’ Krazy KebabsPurchase the Meat and Onion Skewers from the (Meldacio Hunter HQ) restaurantAttack +200, HP +800
62.Creamy BisqueKarbalos Claw west of (Cape Caem) down by shore or mobhunt rank 8 “herald from the depths” (Old Lestallum)Attack +160, Regen +100%
63.Thick ‘n’ Juicy SteakComplete Takka Sidequest and eat Sizzling Humongo Steak at (hammerhead)Endurance Boost, HP +1000
64.Three-Mushroom KebabsAcquire Malmashroom in (Malmalam Thicket) dungeonAttack +150, HP +800, Resilent: Prevents most status ailments
65.Green Soup Curry (Prompto)Acquire Allural ShallotAttack +160, HP +800, Flameproof +70
66.Royal Road PaellaMagazine in small wooden building to the east of (Coernix Station Cauthess)Attack +150, HP +1000, Endurance Boost
67.Elegant Orange CakeGather Duscaen Orange Near (Cauthess Rest Area) SouthsideDefense +250, Spirit +400, HP +1000
68.Blazing Braised GizzardAcquire Sahagin LiverMagic +300, Regen +50%
69.Carp of the Diem (Gladiolus)Lucian Carp can be acquired at (Saxham Reservoir) baits with roulette, whiskers, stormer and hot breather: Red DragonAttack +100, HP +1500, Poisonproof: Prevents poison
70.Grilled Mighty BaramundFish at The (Vesperpool Cape) nightime with bait Stormer:FocalorResilient: Prevents most status ailment, Resistant: Nullifies Fire, Ice, and Lightning attacks
71.Fire-Sauce Fillet(Coernix Station – Alstor) door of shack by gas stationAttack +200, Magic +200, HP +600
72.Karlabos Cream CroquettesPurchase Iron Shelf recipes, Vol 4 at (Cape Caem)Attack +200, HP +1000, Regen +50%
73.Taelpar Harvest Galettepurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 3 (Burbost Souvenir Emporium)Magic +120, Spirit +400, HP +1000
74.Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Currypurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 6 (Verinas Mart, Ravatogh)Attack +120, HP +800, Flameproof +50
75.Papa Bird and Baby Bowl (Noctis)same spot at Lestallum overlook, must have Mother and Child Rice Bowl, Happens after ? Chp is beaten or post gameHP +1000, Exp Boost +40%, Perception Boost +100%
76.Fishsticks on SticksOric’s Culinary Chronicles Entry 4 on bench near arms dealer at (Galdin Quay)HP +1000, Critical +50%
77.Sea Bass SautéEat Wood-smoked Fish at Maagho (Altissia)HP +1500, Toadproof: Prevents toad, Frostproof +50
78.Anointed Allural Sea BassAcquire Allural Sea bass (Galdin Shaols) has two catches Evening with bait Whiskers Pearly moogle and ChocolateAttack +200, HP +1000, Magic +150
79.Devilfin Soup (Coraldevils)acquire Coraldevil Meat, Mobhunt 8 Quest: Hunt: Rulers of the Banks (Old Lestallum)Attack +200, Regen +125%
80.Marrowshroom ChowderPurchase the Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 5 from Old Gobunat’s Boat (Altissa)Clairvoyant: Garuntees Critical Hits
81.Smoked BehemothPurchase the Smoked Dualhorn Steak meal at the (Verinas Mart) restaurant (Ravatogh)Attack +400, HP +1000, Endurance Boost
82.Hearty Cutlet on riceHidden recipe under bridge south of (Vesperpool) where the green line meet blueAttack +250, HP +1500
83.Tide Grouper CarpaccioEat the Fettini di Cernia at the Maagho (Altissa)Attack +300, HP +1000, Death Defying: Prevents instant death
84.Crown City Roast(Costlemark Tower Dungeon boss) or mobhunt JabberwockAttack +400, HP +3000
85.Lasagna al FornoReach Cooking LVL 9HP +4000, Exp Boost +100%, Resistant: Nullifies fire,ice and lightning
86.Golden Tail SoupReach Cooking LVL 10Clairvoyant: Garuntees crits, Regen +150%
87.Seasoned MidgardsormrEat Spicy Skewers (Lestallum) Tostwell GrillEqualizer: Increase damage dealt based on level difference between party and enemy, Attack +350, HP +1000
88.Legendary Herb-Grilled WhopperCatch Vesper Gar Mornings at (The Vesperpool East bank) with baitGiant Needle 10,000: Gold GigantuarBraveheart: Greatly increase strength but reduce magic to zero
89.Fried Tide Grouperacquire Tide Grouper Fillet (CAEM SHORE) at daytime using bait Hot Breather: Red DragonAttack +500
90.Roc of Ravatogh RicePurchase the book Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 7 at the (Meldacio Hunter HQ)Attack +300, HP +1500
91.Broiled King-on-a-StickCatch King Trout (THE VESPERPOOL – ISLET) Morning with bait Hot Breather Green DragonAttack +300, Hp +1500, Resilient: Prevents most status ailments
92.Memory Lane Pastry (Noctis)Sideuquest berried memories Tenebraen Berry Opera, (Galdin Quay) Acquire Ulwat berry by trading carrot at Caem LighthouseMagemaster: Greatly increase magic but reduce strength to zero
93.Excellent Oven-Roasted TroutCatch Platinum Myrltrout (MYRLWOOD FALLS) Daytime with bait Gemlight: Caster CarbuncleAttack +350, HP +2000, Flameproof +50
94.King’s StewPurchase the Hunter’s Ragout meal at the (Meldacio Hunter HQ) restaurantattack +400, HP +2000
95.Crispy Zu Skewersacquire Zu meat Mobhunt quest (Ravatogh)HP +2000, Critical Boost 80%
96.Kenny’s Secret RecipeEat Kenny’s Special Salmon (Old Lestallum) Crow’s Nest dinerAttack +400, Magic +300, Defense +300
97.Oak-Smoked Devil GarFish King Devil Gar (THE VESPERPOOL – ISLET) Evening with bait Invincible Iron GiantHP +2000, Resistant Boost: Nullifies fire, ice, and lightning attacks
98.Royal Banquet CanapéEat Caviar Canape 300k (Altissa)Prime: Greatly boost all stats and increase Exp Boost 50%
99.Longwythe’s PeakAt shack where Dave was at start after game is beatenAttack +600, Hp +4000, Regen +200%
100.Chilled Food TinCamp at Chp 12HP +100, Attack +30
101.Cup Noodles (Gladiolus)Purchased at cup noodle truck (Lestallum)Attack +30, HP +300
102.Cup Noodles (Gladiolus)Starts at Chp 8 after power plant event (Only look change)Attack +30, HP +300
103.Cup Noodles *Gladiolus)After Perfect Cup QuestAttack +80, HP +500, Exp Boost 20%
104.Cheese PizzaPreorder Item (no ingredients needed)Attack +100, Endurance Boost, Poisonproof: Prevents poison

If you prefer to eat at a restaurant, here’s what you can order and what extra benefits you’ll get:

FoodResturaunt LocationStats
Chillie Con CarneHammerheadAttack +20, HP +50
Leiden JambalayaHammerheadAttack +150, HP +200, Regen 25%
Sizzling Humongo SteakHammerhead (Sidequest)Endurance Boost HP +1000
JettyCrow’s NestPoisonProof, Toadproof
Kenny’s FriesCrow’s NestHP +300
Kenny’s SalmonCrow’s NestAttack +150, HP Defense +200
Kenny’s Special SalmonOriginal’s Crow’s Nest (Lestallum)Attack +400, Magic +300, Defense +300
Galdin GratinGaldin QuayFRESH: Boost all stats and exp +20%, HP +500
White Fish in Tomato SauceGaldin QuayAttack +160, HP +900, Poisonproof
Sea Bounty RisottoGaldin QuayAttack +120, HP + 600, Regen +25%
Steamed Crab with Rock SaltGaldin QuayResistant: Nullifies fire,ice annd lightning
Tenebraen Berry OperaGaldin Quay (Sidequest)Magemaster: Greatly Increase magic but reduce strength to 0
Gysahl ChipsWiz Chocobo PostHP +400
Green SmoothieWiz Chocobo PostFlameproof + 90, Frostproof +90, Stormproof +90
Chocobo Club SandwhichWiz Chocobo PostAttack +80, HP +400, Toadproof
Fat Chocobo Triple-DeckerWiz Chocobo Post (Siequest)HP +400, Exp +50%
Soul SoupLestallumAttack +120, Spirit +200, Flameproof +70
Big Bread BunsLestallumHP +600, Regen +50%
Peanut Sauce SkewersLestallumAttack +120, HP +400
Soup and BreadLestallumAttack +150, Regen +100%
Bird Broth Rice and CurryLestallumAttack +80, HP +250, Regen +25%
Offal StewLestallumMagic +200, Regen 75%
Meat and Onion SkewersMeldacio HQAttack +200, Hp +800
Mama Ezma’s Meat PieMeldacio HQAttack +150, Magic +150, Hp + 500
Hunter’s RagoutMeldacio HQAttack + 400, HP +2000
Wood-Smoked FishAltissaHP +1500, Toadproof, Frostproof +50
Fettini di CerniaAltissaAttack +300, Hp +1000, Death defying: Prevents instant death
Maagho LasagnaAltissaHP +4000, Exp +100%, Resistant: Nullifies fire, ice and lightning
Fine Caviar CanapéAltissaPrime: All stats boost and Exp 50% boost
Set Diner CourseOn trainHP +500

The good news is that you can also use some of these recipes in real life. If you’re curious to see some real Final Fantasy 15 recipes, check out the video below: