Final Fantasy XV really needs a HUD and TV screen adjuster

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by Madalina Dinita
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Final Fantasy XV is an excellent game as long as you don’t experience any technical issues. As we already reported, there are plenty of bugs that affect Xbox One owners. Unfortunately, there are no workarounds available to fix these issues.

Many FFXV gamers are also complaining about various TV screen issues. More specifically, the game slightly goes off the edge of the TV and there are various darker areas on all the TV’s edges. These issues cut off important game information and images, limiting the gaming experience.

This is mainly because not all TVs are made the same. As a result, games need to add HUD/screen adjusters to allow players to adjust the game screen according to their TV’s configuration and capabilities.

Final Fantasy 15 TV screen issues

Same problem here on Xbox One. There is no way to adjust on the Xbox or in my TV settings. I have tried everything. My TV is a 720p Panasonic and I have NEVER had this issue with any other game. Just give us the option to adjust the screen in the game settings.

Final Fantasy XV TV screen issues

Square Enix really needs to add a screen resizing function into Final Fantasy 15. Too many gamers are affected by this TV screen issue and the company’s answer leaves much to be desired.

Fortunately, some resourceful FFXV fans managed to find a way to fix this bug. The bad news is that the following solution doesn’t work for all gamers:

Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings and change from Automatic to 1080i. If you use a Toshiba TV, chances are that this workaround fixes the issue for you.

Meanwhile, if you’re experiencing HUD and TV screen issues, use this FFXV forum thread to provide customer support with the details of your problem.


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Problem #1: Why are you still using a 720p TV?

When in a day and age you can buy a 4k HDR TV for less than $500 (which is what I have), there’s simply no excuse to have not upgraded by now.

The reason you’re experiencing this now is that your TV is not properly aligning the content. This is an overscan issue. Essentially, your TV is telling your PS4 or Xbox that its display area is different than it really is. It’s not the game’s fault.

The fix: upgrade that clunker.

This isn’t just an issue with 720p TVs.
Plenty of older 1080p HDTVs share this issue, and there’s little need to upgrade a TV that can do HDTV because one game chooses to both lack a Display Area setting AND ignore the PS4’s setting despite it being a standard in games.

My TV is a 50 inch 1080p HDTV. It just happens to be manufactured in 2008. It works perfectly fine for everything except for this game, because FFXV fails to meet a simple standard.

Also, great to know you live in a magical world where $500 is no big deal, but that’s definitely not everyone.

2008 is WAY too old. I’m sorry, but it is.

TVs you’re running now should have been bought at minimum in 2011 or after. If you haven’t upgraded you need to. $500 is “no big deal” because at the time you bought that TV, it was 3x that price. Don’t want to hear that excuse.

The TV I owned prior to my current was a SHARP AQUOS 50″ I bought in 2010 for $1600. Looked perfectly fine almost all the time. But it in no way compares to what the current LG 4k HDR I bought in 2016 for $600 looks like.

Upgrade the clunker, experience the game, realize that picture quality is now leaps and bounds beyond what it was back then – and TVs are smarter. No longer are they forced to accept input resolutions. They can “figure it out” for themselves, which gives you more flexibility. You shouldn’t have to muck with settings over and over again in either the console or the TV. It should just work.

This is why some people are experiencing blurry images. Their TV can’t “figure it out”.

so what youre saying people are experiencing blurry images because they have a crappy tv. hmmmm

So please tell me why am i experiincing this blurry image issue on my xbox one that is contacted to my 34 inch PC monitor which has better picture quality than most HRD tvs and has true RGB.

This issue is not just an “old tv” its an issue with the XBOX one version not producing true 1080p it maxes out at like 900p which then dips lower at some points in the game. Plus the XBOX version of the game has an adaptive resolution feature which is why the game is blurry. I love the game and its fun but these issues should have been resolved in the 10 years that this game was in development for.

Everything doesnt get resolved by buying a new tv, yes it may help but it will not resolve the blurriness that haunts the xbox version.

And, y’know, $1600 was affordable back then because of, y’know, circumstances. These circumstances NEVER change, amirite?! You really need to adjust your perspective, sir or madam, and accept that there ARE things that make $500 unaffordable.

And before you try to point out the obvious, PS4s come as gifts and games can be paid for over time (thank you Gamestop). Take the enjoyment wherever you can get it.

So your saying that because of a HUD problem with a single game (the only game I’ve ever had with no adjustments) I need to cough up $500 to compensate for a game worth $60? Even when it works perfectly fine all the time? Or is this just some society standard that yoi are not allowed to own technology older than 5 years? I could understand if you needed to update because it’s not compatible with most newer tech or if it doesn’t work properly. But no, we are having issues not with our tv’s but with the games HUD and lack of being able to adjust it.

My TV works just fine for literally *anything* else. And no, I didn’t pay $1500 for it eight years ago. I payed $200 for it four months ago off a friend. I needed a large TV that I can read fine text on from across the room and didn’t have much for cash.

Because not everyone just has $500 to blow on a brand spanking new TV when their current 52-inch HDTV works fine on basically everything except for *one* stubborn video game.

Actually one of the reasons why I upgraded from a 720p TV the other week was because I wanted to experience HDR/1080p and for this game especially. After seeing this, I’m glad I upgraded. But hey, my old TV was (and still is) operating fine. So maybe some people don’t feel the need to upgrade based on functionality reasons alone I guess.