Gamers report Final Fantasy XV suffers from horrible graphics on Xbox One S

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There is no doubt that the Xbox One S console is a powerful gaming console. However, judging by reports, using it to play Final Fantasy XV is not a good idea.

The game is affected by many issues on the Xbox One, ranging from font size issues to game crashes. But when it comes to graphics issues, the Xbox One S is by far the champion.

Xbox One S owners report that Final Fantasy 15 is plagued by blurry images and screen tearing no matter what settings they use. Xbox One S users are very disappointed with the game’s low graphics quality and hope Square Enix will soon push out an update to fix these problems.

Final Fantasy XV is plagued by graphics issues on the Xbox One S

I have a one s […] connected to a Sony Bravia 65″ 4k TV. I picked up ff15 and I gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed with the graphics. It’s pretty blurry and even at the lowest camera setting there is screen tearing around noctis’ head. The game is very low res. I’m still in the first chapter, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to pick up the ps4 version, but only if the ps4 guys aren’t having these issues. I’ve seen the comparison videos and it didn’t look too drastic…. But man, I haven’t been this disappointed in graphics in a long long time

It’s likely the Xbox version of FFXV is poorly optimized. PS4 owners also complain the game’s graphics don’t look as sharp as expected. At least PS4 users can enjoy a better gaming experience and character faces are much clearer.

Many Xbox One S owners regret buying the game and don’t think Square Enix is going to release a fix anytime soon. Therefore, they’ve decided to play at 1080p and accept the fact that FFXV’s graphics quality on the Xbox One S leaves much to be desired.

I agree there probably wont be a patch to fix it so have resorted to playing at 1080p still dont look like the ps4 version but its a improvement.

If you’re playing FFXV on an Xbox One S, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.


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I’m using a lg OLED 55 and the game looks beautiful in HDR…xbox one s….4k upscaled! Had to up the sharpness, contrast and set coloring to cool. Turned on the super resolution to high, which helps ALOT with the jagged edged, noise and MPEG reduction to auto and turned OLED light to 40. Flaws I’ve seen was the hair and around camp ground. But if the game was on PC. It would looked really badass! Make pspro,PS 4 and xbox one s put together look bad! Especially on my rig!

Hi Jess, which LG OLED TV do you have? I have an 55EF950V and I’ve been utterly disappointed with HDR. I’m not sure whether it’s got to do with me expecting too much from HDR or if my TV is not capable of bringing it properly. I first heard good stories about HDR and The Last of Us, so I tried that out. All I saw were paler colours and that kind of ruined the atmosphere for me. Next was FF XV and I was told that that game was a real beauty in HDR, that if there had to be a game to convince people what HDR was all about, FF XV would be it. But again, I can only see a significant difference during the night and I’m not even sure whether it’s better. I do see more detail in the background at night, but the entire scene looks more like a gray cloudy day, than a pitch black night. And during the day, some areas can be so bright in HDR, that it loses detail, opposed to non HDR, which does show details more clearly for those specific areas. And then I’m confused, because I expected it to be the other way around, I thought HDR was all about showing more detail due to specific and separate colour feeds. I’ve been fiddling around with settings for hours but nothing really makes this game look amazingly better than any other setting. I’m playing this on a PS4Pro.

I bought the game when it first came out..I didn’t really have graphical problems until the December Update which was supposed to fix some other graphical updates. Now after said update my game is horribly blurry, it wasn’t this bad before the update I fear they made it worse! Now my game is so blurry it’s almost nauseating…it’s too much. Was fin before the updates. Before any of the updates it wasn’t really too bad at all only minor….now it’s a major problem. They’ve actually made it worse I believe.

It obvious the game is not optimized for the One S properly. The menus and everything else are clearly fine, it’s just the in game graphics that are annoyingly low resolution. XBOX ONE has already proven it’s capable of graphics far superior to this so Square needs to really fix this for the One owners.

I called Xbox support and got a full refund, the graphics are horrible and camera movement is utter garbage

Having the same issue with my Xbox One S, I play hooked up to a fairly new Asus Computer monitor, never had an issue with any other game that I have played with it. But with FFXV it looks like I am playing an original xbox game very low res. I have tried all kinds of different settings both on the Xbox One S and with the computer monitor still having the same problem.

Almost verbatim to what the guy said was happening to him on his 65″ Sony 4k. I have a 50″ Hisense H8 4k TV, and at this point I am glad to know I am not the only one this is happening to, so there is some awareness raised to the issue. I am selling my Xbox copy and getting it for my PS 4 Pro when I get that later this month. Square needs to cowboy up and get this fixed…this really is the worst I’ve seen any game on Xbox One. And before anyone comments about Sony’s graphical superiority (which is true), in this case its just a lazy fucking port. I popped in Witcher 3 last night after getting frustrated with FF 15, and that looks phenomenally on the One S with 4K.