Final Fantasy 15 looks stunning on the Xbox One X compared to PS4

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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final fantasy 15 xbox one x

Is Final Fantasy XV your favorite game? Is the newly launched Xbox One X already on your list, but you’re still not sure whether you should hit the buy button or not?

Well, go for it, because FF15 looks stunning on this console.

The game looks much cleaner on the Xbox One X now thanks to the latest game patch, with some going as far as saying that all comparisons between the Xbox One X and PS4 are in vain now since Microsoft’s console is the clear winner.

Xbox One X takes FF15 to a whole new level

The Xbox One X offers higher resolution, better shadows, abetter draw distance, and better lighting. The textures are also much better throughout the entire game. All these improvements are even more noticeable the further away an object is.

The Xbox One X and the latest FF15 patch for the console will definitely increase the number of active players. Many gamers who played FF15 at launch and gave up on the game disappointed at the graphical fidelity said they would jump back in and try out all the improvements and DLCs.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s new gaming console also convinced many PS4 fans to switch camps:

I haven’t really gotten very far in the game on my PS4 Pro so I may consider trading in for the Xbox version now. The frame rate and stuttering in 4K mode on the PS4 Pro is awful.

What do you think about the new FF15 gaming experience on the Xbox One X? Are you planning to join the party if you haven’t already?

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Hust Hot the xbox one x for Four days . Wanted to start the xbox and nothing just the screen from the TV and also I hear everything through my headset but I can not restart the xbox only power it of ??????????

My Xbox One X went yesterday. Was playing games for a good few hours with no issues. Then switched it off for a bit to do some other things, and came back to it in the evening. It started fine, but then I went to play a game I’d just downloaded from the store, and the screen went black. I could still hear the noise of the game coming from my headset, but no picture – black screen. Tried using different HDMI cables, and even a different TV. No joy at all – and you can still hear the Xbox on the headphones. Not happy. It’s only a few months old.

I’m from Germany and got the console at the 26th of december. I played around 2 to 3 hours per day. It was broken by the 30th of december. It all started on the 28th of december. The screen went black. I didn’t know what happened but after approx 20 seconds it was working again. That happened again over the course of the next few days iirc 3 times. Then, on the evening of the 30th I played a game without any problems and turned the console off (standby). I wanted to turn it on again the next day but the screen stayed black. I tried all those cold resets and resolution resets, direct power from the source, different cables, different TVs and what not. Nothing helps. Seems to be really dead. I sent it to the XBOX repair service. The current status there is ‘arrived’. Guess I have to wait now…

Any news on your Xbox yet? Just had this happen to mine yesterday.. Powers on and sends audio without issue over HDMI, but video is non-existent.

I brought the XBOX to UPS on the 3rd of January (wednesday) and they received it on the 4th. It came back to me at the 15th (monday) morning. I guess they brought it to UPS on friday the 12th, therefor repairing the XBOX took them less than 10 days. They did not add a letter with the cause of failure (also XBOX support wasn’t able to tell me). It’s working. I’ll add another post in case it’s broken again. Good luck with your XBOX repair!

Yes, I have the probem my black looks like grey in the X, all my others
electronic devices looks fine even the xbox one s looks fine, but the X
look like has some kind of brightness problem