New data-mined information shows Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to Steam

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  • Xbox China accidentally leaked information about Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to Xbox.
  • This was back in October, but now, new information has surfaced about the popular title.
  • Apparently, this highly anticipated remake will also make its way onto the Steam platform.
  • There is no official ETA for when it might become available, but it will most likely be 2022.
FF7 remake

We know that there are a lot of Final Fantasy fans out there and this news will surely put a smile on your face, if you too are among them, or just eager to try something new.

Back in October, we shared with you some information coming from Xbox China, confirming that FF7 Remake was on its way to Xbox consoles.

However, it was recently discovered that this beloved title is also making its way into the Steam platform pretty soon.

Extracted data from the game’s Unreal Engine pack files revealed that it was originally planned for Steam since it was added to Steam’s backend, on 28 October 2020.

This is, in fact, earlier than Epic’s backend, which has a creation date of November 30th, 2020 according to documented information.

Recently, the Steam app ID has also been found, and you might also like to know that the app on Steam had been actively updated until recently, which would mean the Steam version isn’t canceled.

Xbox China leaked information about FF 7 Remake coming to Xbox

In honor of Xbox’s 20th birthday, the Redmond tech giant plans on releasing a special edition controller and headset. Also, there will be a major anniversary event to honor the past two decades of their success.

But there’s something else that caught our attention and we wanted to share this exciting news with all of you.

There are some rumors, which were further entertained by Xbox China when they posted an option of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Twitter.

However, this post got immediately deleted, which makes us wonder what it was all about.

So are we actually going to see this being announced at the event next month? Needless to say that this would be music for the ears of fans die-hard fans worldwide.

As we all know, for the time being, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a PlayStation exclusive, so Xbox users can’t enjoy this awesome title unless they also have a PS console.

There is no official information on this topic whatsoever, and as we mentioned above, the fact that the post was deleted so quickly after being uploaded, makes us think that this could actually happen.

But we don’t want to jinx it and would rather wait for some official information regarding this matter.

Remember that the major 20th-anniversary event for Xbox will take place on the 15th of November, so make sure you cancel all your plans for that day if you are a major Xbox fan.

What else do you think we can expect from this anniversary event? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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