Final Fantasy XV issues: Font size too small, Chocobos can’t sprint, and more

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by Madalina Dinita
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Final Fantasy XV is a great game and is finally available on the Xbox One. As a player, you control the game’s main protagonist, Noctis Lucis Caelum. You will guide him as he explores the world around him on foot, using the party’s car “Regalia”, or on chocobos.

Gamers can use both the Regalia and Chocobos in battles if their connection to Noctis is strong enough. You can also use various objects around you to complete your missions.

Final Fantasy XV offers impressive graphics that will transport players into another realm. Unfortunately, not all gamers have been able to enjoy a smooth gaming experience to various technical issues.

Final Fantasy XV game bugs

1. FFXV won’t save data

Gamers report they can’t save game data due to the following error message: “Could not save data. Play will continue, but current settings are not saved.” Neither automatic nor manual saves work. Actions such as reinstalling the game or installing the day one patch don’t solve the problem.

I have the same error, but it’s on Xbox (Plz don’t get mad).
I have heaps of disk space (500GB), but no matter what I do, I cannot get it to save. DON’T DO THIS TO ME SQUARE ENIX, I HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH TO PLAY THIS

2. Font size is really small

One player points out that the game’s font size is extremely small, forcing gamers to get closer to their screens. Consoles gamers don’t usually sit near the display and the small font size makes it pretty hard for them to read the phrases and game texts.

My complaint / suggestion, is about the font size in the game, which is extremely small. The consoles gamers usually play away from televisions, and it gets bad for people who do not have such good eyesight, or who suffer from headaches, read the phrases and game texts.

Please enable something on the game options to increase the letters of the texts.

3. The metric system is missing

The metric measurement system is missing and this is extremely frustrating for gamers.  FFXV fans even created a poll on the game’s official website asking Square Enix to adjust measurements according to national standards or give people to option to choose the measurement system they want to use.

Square Enix!!!
For love of God please update measurement system and gibes players ability to switch between measurement systems imperial to metric/metric to imperial. Reason is: WE IN CANADA USE IT IN CONSTRUCTION ONLY!  We adopted METRIC SYSTEM IN 1970!!!

4. The DLC codes are missing

Fortunately, it appear this is not really a bug, but rather a brief delay. Some gamers received their codes after 45 minutes, while others are still waiting. Also, don’t forget to check the spam box: Some players report their DLC codes landed in the spam box.

I have received my codes now. It took them about an hour and 45 mintues to send me mine. They actually sent the same codes three times though haha. That tells me that they’re probably storing the information about each account’s codes somewhere that they can fix this if it doesn’t send out to everyone (fingers crossed for everyone who hasn’t gotten theirs). Good luck and have fun!

5. Chocobos can’t sprint

FFXV players complain they can’t sprint with their chocobos. The Sprint Text remains grey even after installing the FFXV 1.02 Patch.

I’m the only one who can’t Sprint with my Chocobo? I hold R2 and the Sprint Text is still grey. Sometimes when i button smash my square (for raging) it works but its very rare. I hope with the 1.02 Patch it will be fixed ._.
EDIT: Still buggy for me with 1.02 _ _

These are the most common Final Fantasy XV bugs reported by gamers. If you’ve come across other issues, you can tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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R2 menu keeps breaking

It’s cost me 3 game overs because I couldn’t open it to heal or use phoenix down.
Also stops me calling chocobos…

Very very irritating, oh and the character will random stop responding to the left analog stick

10years and they released with so many bugs? The fuck is wrong with them?
Basic beta testing should have found these issues

If you’re playing FFXV on Xbox One, and you have an elite controller, make sure you have the right trigger set to the full trigger pull.

If you use the reduced trigger pull, you’ll never be able to sprint with your chocobo or go full speed when manually driving the Regalia.

I have problems with controler functions stop working like camera and walking party members glitching (they freeze and dont join combat sometimes disapear completley) when i accept quests it loads the first dialog then stops the cut-scene so i get stuck and gotta quit the game then load earlier points and when useing team members attack the attack animation comes but enemys take No dmg rare glitches are screen tearing and not getting AP for killing multiple enemys with phase attack

After about 20 hours of gameplay I started experiencing massive sound issues. Specifically with the dialogue. Flashback sequences and cut scenes have no sound at all and interacting with people like Dino and Wyv sound like their in a wind tunnel or something. The only time there is no dialogue issues is during combat. Even in the world my party chat has gone quiet. TV is fine and dialogue on other games is fine. It’s a little frustrating.

There is absolutely no SFX in my game. Day one patch didn’t fix it either. The only sounds I get are speech and music, both in battle and in the outposts. That’s it. No footsteps, ambient noises, weapons, etc.

I’ve put 35 hours into the game mainly going into dungeons and finishing side quests. After starting the main quest with iris. The game decided that it will stop allowing me to jump and sprint/attack as noctis. It happened as I was battling the imperial base boss (forgot her name), beat her with just blocks and parries…. fix it in the next patch plz 🙁 not planning on grinding again

I was lucky enough that I had an auto save file just before the problem happened so I reopened it and started from there. It was fine. However I must warn you that you should save before and after every mission. The reason for that is that you will face other problems. I faced one where I couldn’t save or click the Touchpad or reach any sort of options menu. Lucky for me I saved before the mission so I just had to restart it

the way im totally fucked is beacause my wife is playing under my account too… we are erasing our data each other, no way to play my chapter back

im waiting the fix, until this im playing last guardian and i will upload my save every day too, too much disaponted on PS4 games apocalypse developped

I saved right after having this problem. I closed the game. I loaded the saved game and the problem dissapeared. Thank god!!!!!

My friends saying that my ps 4 is dying …when u play the game the black spot come out and tree or stone flickering, GPU problem!!! Wtf

Stones and trees are flickering, like it’s gone and comes back, then there’s also the matter of black spots everywhere I go……..

while playing the digital version on a normal PS4.
Also, it seems objects are randomly disappearing ( like stones and trees ).pls help me

My chocobo can’t sprint, My Regala won’t go fast enough to complete a quest when manually driving, and I can’t save the game at any time.. I really want to love this game, but seriously, these glitches are making it unplayable for me.. And I can’t find out ANYWHERE anything about them.. 🙁

Same my Chocobo won’t sprint and Noctis can only go 20 in the damn Regala while Ignis can go 60+ in it. They seriously need to fix this.