Download FINALCAD’s new Windows 10 app from the Microsoft Store

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FINALCAD recently launched a new Windows 10 app, following the operating system’s popularity rise among construction companies. Windows 10 is the number one OS choice among construction specialists. By releasing this new app, FINALCAD simply adapts to the general market trend.

Construction specialists running Windows 10 on their computers can now use FINALCAD for quality controls, site progress monitoring for structural works , and much more.

Build better buildings with FINALCAD for Windows 10

Statistics suggest that Windows 10 is Microsoft’s fastest growing OS and more than 85% of companies have at least started to deploy Windows 10 on their machines. Many intend to complete the OS migration by 2019 before Microsoft ends support for Windows 7.

As we already pointed out in a previous article, enterprise adoption of Windows 10 is indeed faster than expected.

Although various sources disagree on the exact number of computers running Windows 10, one thing is clear: Microsoft’s latest OS is a better choice in terms of productivity than older Windows versions — which explains the enterprise adoption success.

download finalcad windows 10

FINALCAD’s app is very versatile and supports all the major OS platforms, including iOS and Android. The platform’s flexibility and the ability to quickly and easily share information with other collaborators makes FINALCAD very appealing to users.

While FINALCAD is a mobile-first player, the plurality of the Windows platform allows to introduce a blend of uses for both the construction site and the site office. For instance, mimicking color highlighters on blueprints for structural works site progress with large touch screens, is a good example of collaborative and intuitive use that we have observed at some of our innovative customers.

You can download the new FINALCAD app from the Microsoft Store.

Whether you’re a site manager, an architect, a contractor or a property owner, FINALCAD helps you improve your processes and build better buildings at lower cost.



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