Find the perfect hiking trail with Microsoft Bing’s latest update

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If you’re a fan of hiking and more outdoor activities, Bing now allows you to explore all the hikes in your area. With the command “hiking near me”, various hiking tracks and trails are brought to your attention for easier trekking. Along the many options you’ll be offered, you’ll also be able to enjoy the opportunity of filtering these many results by difficulty, length, elevation gain, and other criteria.

In case you won’t be able to decide easily which hike to choose next, Bing has also included a feature that lets you compare trails side by side. In addition, you’ll be glad to see that using Bing for searching hikes on your mobile device will feature the original ability to provide you with directions.

Functionality for camping sites, RV parks, and national parks

Hikers often face the dilemma of which hike to choose. Now, the Bing team is delivering a solution which helps you search for the perfect answer. It lets you explore hikes near you and then filter them by difficulty level, length, elevation gain, and more, so you can choose the right one. […]

Just search ‘trails near me’ on whatever device you happen to be on – and on mobile, Bing will offer not only the trail information but also links directly to live directions.

Besides the update described above, Bing also released a similar functionality for camping sites, RV parks, and national parks. As you can see, Bing gives you the opportunity to enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities all summer by delivering all the needed solutions for helping your find the perfect spots to hang out.

What’s even cooler is that if you have to travel somewhere, Bing will also be able to return flight status and all the necessary parking information for all important airports in the US.



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