Firefox 65’s new privacy features put on hold due to bugs

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Mozilla Firefox version 65 brought a series of new features. Perhaps the most useful one is the simplified control panel for blocking trackers on Windows computers. This latest version focuses on improving the browser’s privacy and security features.

The bad news is that Firefox 65 is no longer available as an automatic update. Mozilla temporarily blocked the update following antivirus compatibility issues.

We’re sure that these issues will soon get fixed. Meanwhile, let us see what are the main changes that this browser version brings.

Firefox is getting better at blocking trackers

Note that the major preferences are very similar to the features provided on the older version. Users have the options to select the Firefox Standard or Strict mode, which blocks trackers in incognito mode. The latter blocks any kind of trackers at any given time (though on some websites, this might develop some kind of issues).

These choices are placed more conspicuously for users in the Firefox 65. Full details of each option are also available. In addition to the option that allows users to whitelist some sites for all three modes, there is a new and updated custom mode for advanced control.

To add a plus to the update and achieve more transparent settings, Firefox is developing new options that will be easy to find. Users will be able to click on the “I” button on the navigation bar to see the content blocking settings, spots trackers that are active on the site and get a direct link to modify the settings if need be.

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4 options to block cookies

Users have four options of blocking cookies: from unvisited sites, third-party tracker, third-party cookies which might cause the website to break, and all kinds of cookies that can cause websites to break.

Also, the task manager has been updated to enable users to keep track on slow extensions or tabs and uninstall or close them, just as the case may be.

Visit this link for advanced tracking protection and more learning. If you have Firefox already installed on your computer, you can easily install the update automatically once it’s available again.



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