Firefox 78 to let you analyze blocked web connections

by Don Sharpe
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  • Firefox 78 comes with the option to view blocked web resources and connections.
  • The update ships on June 30, 2020.
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Mozilla Firefox

The ability to block unwanted applications, such as adware, has its perks. Be that as it may, being aware of what’s being blocked and why makes a lot of sense. Thankfully, soon you will be able to view and scrutinize blocked web connections in Firefox 78.

Viewing blocked web connections or resources

Mozilla will be releasing Firefox 78 to the Stable channel on June 30, 2020. If any website resources are blocked from loading in a page, this version will let you view them, according to

Content that fails to display during page load can be as disruptive to your workflow as intrusive screen pop-ups. As such, you want to know why any vital page element is not being displayed as expected, whether you are a developer or an end user.

Also, as site owner, you know how vital content is to the experience you wish to offer your web visitors. So, Firefox is enabling you to analyze blocked connections in your browser and ensure that nothing essential is failing to load up.

To find out what’s behind any obstructed web resources, simply press F12 while you are on the page you want to scrutinize.  The Developer Tool pane will open in the browser.

Click on the Network tab to see a list of all web resources associated with the particular page.  Any blocked site or app will appear in red.

Sometimes, you may wonder why a resource fails to load if you did not block it yourself. With Firefox 78, you will be able to find out why.

For example, it could be that an extension you added to Firefox is blocking the resource in question. The upcoming version of Firefox lets you know which apps are blocking certain sites or resources.

Armed with that info, you may go ahead and give the necessary permissions or remove any extension that is causing pages not to load optimally.

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