Latest Mozilla Firefox keeps you safe by blocking social media trackers

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Latest Mozilla Firefox keeps you safe by blocking social media trackers

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Mozilla Firefox is constantly improving, and the development team behind it is working hard, especially when it comes to tracking protection.

Until now, Firefox showed protection reports at about:protections page. You could find there all the trackers that were blocked, including social media trackers.

But the browser will get a new change that will allow users to see the blocked social media trackers in the protection panel, under Social Media Trackers.

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Social Media tracking in Firefox gets revamped

Tracking Protection in Firefox has 3 modes: Standard, Strict, and Custom. In the Nighly version, Fingerprinters and Cyrptominers were already moved to the Standard mode, to be blocked by default.

In regards to social trackers, they’ll be blocked whenever you visit a website that has embedded widgets of social media sites. You will be able to see a pop-up with a message which states that tracking was blocked.

You will have 2 options: See Protections or Close. Clicking on the See Protections will allow you to see the specific trackers that were blocked.

Firefox won’t spam you with notifications every time a insignificant tracker was blocked. It will notify you only about the most important ones.

To turn on the social tracking protection feature, go to about:config in your browser, search for “socialtracking” and then change the following values to true:

  • privacy.trackingprotection.socialtracking.enabled
  • privacy.trackingprotection.socialtracking.annotate.enabled

After that, you will be able to see all the blocked social trackers in the protection panel.


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