Firefox for Windows 10 on ARM reduces power consumption

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Mozilla rolled out the Windows 10 ARM version of its Firefox browser. The new browser version significantly reduces power consumption for ARM-based devices. 

Last year in December, Microsoft announced it decided to work with Google so that Chromium could run natively on ARM64 architecture.

Mozilla is the first one in line with the release of Firefox beta that runs natively on Windows 10 ARM devices. As we already know, Windows tablets and laptops that come with Qualcomm Snapdragon chips can run the Win32 version of applications.

Better battery life for Windows 10 on ARM

What does this mean in simple terms? Qualcomm-powered Windows devices will no longer need to emulate the x86 architecture for running Firefox on native ARM64 support.

It will not only reduce resource consumption but also leads to better performance. Additionally, you can stay connected on the go with LTE-connectivity offered in these Snapdragon-powered devices. 

Chromium-Edge also offers Windows 10 ARM support

Microsoft and Google are also working to improve the efficiency and performance of the new Microsoft Edge browser expected to run on Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PCs.

These developments prove Qualcomm and Microsoft are extremely interested to launch ARM-powered Windows 10 machines. 

Users can now go to Mozilla’s site to download the beta version of the browser for ARM devices.



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