“Firefox for Windows 8 Touch” Windows 8.1 App Getting Ready for Release

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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We’ve been waiting for the official touch version of Firefox for Windows 8 tablets for quite a while now. As it seems, according to the latest update from Mozilla, we are getting closer to the moment when the official Windows 8.1 app will be released
firefox windows 8.1
The image that you see above is with the latest mock-up of Firefox for Windows 8 touch devices. It was made public by Mozilla during their latest meeting when they usually release a note explaining what has been improved. The final version of the official Windows 8.1 Mozilla app is currently scheduled for release in late January, next year.

The above screenshot shows the new start screen user interface for the upcoming app, but just like VLC, it’s not yet ready.  Firefox’s app will also work for the desktop version of Windows 8 and the start screen will include some helpful hints as well as bookmarks that can be be set up. Mozilla has also revealed that the app will be called “Firefox for Windows 8 Touch”.

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An official Firefox browser for Windows 8 touch devices is already long overdue and we hope to see it as soon as possible. January 2014 is just an approximate date which could be further delayed. But let’s hope that Mozilla will manage to make us an early-2014 gift.

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