Fitbit app now available on Xbox One with new sync modes

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The Fitbit app helps you live a healthy life, tracking your daily activities, workouts, steps, calories burned, heart rate, sleep and more. First launched on iOS in 2011, the app came to Windows 8 devices in 2013 and Windows Phone in 2014. Then it became a universal app for Windows 10, and now it works on the Xbox One console as well.

Fitbit recently updated its app Windows 10 app by adding support for Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console. Since it was released in the Universal Windows Platform app format, the Fitbit app looks the same on Windows 10 PC and 10 Mobile devices since it uses the same code. Now, the Fitbit app is available on Xbox One but the console has hardware limitations and this prevents the application from syncing to Fitbit devices.

Due to this limitation, the Fitbit app on Xbox One can be used only to check data and leaderboards after the data from the device has been uploaded to the cloud via another connected device. Users will get updates about the steps taken, active minutes, hours slept, and other information but they won’t be able to set up, sync or update firmware on their tracker because the Xbox One doesn’t support GPS activities. Users won’t be able to change tracker settings and set alarms either.

Below we’ll talk about the latest version 2.15.747, which can be downloaded on Xbox. According to the changelog, it brings:

  • Optional new sync mode for use with the Fitbit Dongle; Fitbit Connect “Classic Mode”
  • General bug fixes and design improvements.

The updated Fitbit app for Windows 10 can be downloaded from the Windows Store or directly on the Xbox One from the Xbox Home’s Store tab.



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