FitBit Launches New Universal App for Windows 10 [Download]

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One of the best daily activity trackers out there, FitBit, introduced the new Universal app for Windows 10. And the aim of this app is to keep you healthy and motivated during the day, with various features for tracking your lifestyle and health.
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FitBit leads the market of activity trackers, and it offers a lot of services, from mobile applications to actual accessories for tracking your daily fitness activity. It offers a huge database which will help you to track and analyze every aspect of your training life on a daily basis.

And the new FitBit app for Windows 10 devices brings the combination of a lot of data for analyzing with fantastic design, which will make using of this app even better. Here are the features that the newest FitBit app for Windows 10 brings to the table:

  • Redesigned, dynamic live tiles with more information and new notifications to help users reach their fitness data quickly and organize even better.
  • Very simple user interface, with quick actions which can be used as shortcuts for tracking the most important aspects of your fitness, like water intake, food, time of exercise, running distance, etc. With quick actions, you can also set alarms as reminders, with just a couple of clicks.
  • Full Cortana support, which allows you to ‘communicate’ with FitBit app like you do with a real life coach, like “Fitbit, I ate chicken for dinner” or “Fitbit, I went for a three-mile run.”
  • Notification center now consolidates all users’ important notifications and messages in a dedicated tab making it effortless to review progress,or stay motivated with cheers, taunts and encouragements from friends and family.
  • Very good Bluetooth syncing options with the supported wearable technology, which works on all Windows 10 devices, allowing you to easily access your health and fitness stats.
  • Universal design with continuum support allows users to access their most important data in real-time, and with the great user experience for whatever Windows 10 devices they’re using.

The new FitBit app is also available for Windows Phone users, and it works perfectly, too. Reports say that the Windows Phone app is even better optimized than the iPhone version, which is very encouraging.

It is great to see that manufacturers of wearable tech are making apps that are compatible with Windows 10. Addition of apps like this means that Windows Store and Microsoft’s idea of Universal apps will only continue to grow.

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