How to fix an iPad not charging on a Windows 10 PC

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It seems that Windows laptops and Apple products don’t go along really well. There have been many complaints of how the Windows machine doesn’t charge iPad or iPhones.

In rare cases the hardware (lightning connector) is faulty but in most of the cases, it is the software that needs a little bit of fiddling around.

We have listed some troubleshooting steps, follow them and stay assured your Windows PC will charge your iPad.

iPad won’t charge on computer? 5 ways to fix it

1. Restart

This is one step that I always perform irrespective of the problem. Force restart will soften the ill-gotten things and will ensure that your hardware runs better. In order to do this press and hold the sleep/wake button on the iPad.

In case of iPhones press and hold the home button along with the Sleep/Wake button. Ideally, this should turn off the screen and force the device into restart mode. In the meanwhile, I would also recommend restarting your Windows laptop as well.

2. Check the cable and Ports

ipad won't charge windows 10 pc

Yes, faulty cables can turn things upside down. Before you move on to further troubleshooting steps check the cable by plugging it into another device or best a wall charger. More than often the cables wear out in the course of usage.

Apple Lightning cables are notorious for tearing off at the edge of each connector. Also, ensure that you buy third party cables with due diligence, it is always advisable to buy an Apple Certified accessory.

The next best thing to do is borrowing a cable from your family or friends, this way you can also rule out a fault in both the device and the cable. Also, try plugging into a different USB port and last but not the least check for loose connections.

3. Problem with battery indicator

This is one of the weirdest things I have ever heard. Folks at the Apple forum have been saying that the entire fault lies with the iPad battery indicator. According to them the iPad charges as expected but the charging indicator doesn’t glow up.

Install a battery health app and see whether or not the Windows machine is charging your iPad, if yes make sure that the charge voltage is within the prescribed range.

4. Restore your device on iTunes

I have sorted out a couple of problems on my iPhone after restoring it using iTunes. Even the Apple care will ask you to reset and restore the device as a last resort.

Even if this step fails then you need to contact the Apple Care. Before getting started with the restore process ensure that you take the backup. Follow the steps below to backup your iPad or iPhone and restore the same.

5. Connect your Apple device to the Windows PC via the lightning connector

  • Select Device tab from the top left corner
  • In this step click on Backup and wait for the process to end
  • Click Restore and once again wait for the process to end.
  • Don’t worry, it is natural for the device to restart several times during the process.

If everything else fails and iPad is not charging its time to call up the Apple Service care. They would be able to pinpoint between an electric failure or any other issues with the hardware.

In case you have an AppleCare+ plan its well and good if not compare the cost of repairing vs the cost of buying a new device. Also, request the Apple Care executive to clear the dust from the ports.



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