New Flagship Windows Phones to be Unveiled at Mobile World Congress or Microsoft Build

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Microsoft has did a great job at yesterday’s event, but many are still reluctant towards the future of the Windows Phone ecosystem. But it seems that Microsoft and his partners are looking to address that, as well.
flagship windows phoneIf Windows 10 impressed you and you’re looking forward to seeing it in action on mobiles, as well, you might want to have to wait for the upcoming flagship Windows Phone handset. Microsoft and his partners badly need a really impressive Windows Phone device in order to lead their army against Androids and iPhones.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson confirmed that “flagship Windows phones” were coming “later this year”. He hinted that we should keep our eyes on the Mobile World Congress or the Microsoft Build conference. However, it’s not sure that we’re going to witness the launch then.

Ifi Majid, director of product marketing for Microsoft Mobile Devices, said that a flagship Windows Phone could likely be “later this summer”. So, while we don’t know when exactly this will happen, we will keep an eye out and will report once we hear anything solid on this matter.

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