Please, Stop! Flappy Bird Clones Flood the Windows Store

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I never understood the craziness and popularity behind the Flappy Bird game and I somewhat agreed with the founder when he pulled down the game from mobile stores. But now more and more copycats are basically flooding the Windows Store.
flappy bird windows store
While checking the Windows Store regularly for new Windows 8 apps, I was surprised to see just how many new FlappyBird clones are making their way and getting published. I have recently seen numerous reports of FlappyBird clones flooding the iOS store, despite Apple allegedly saying that “your app name attempts to leverage a popular app”. However, on the Windows Store, there has been no such measures taken, at least none that I am aware about.

Somebody stop this madness

As a result, Flappy Bird clones flood the Windows Store in any possible way and what’s really funny is that people keep on downloading and rating quite well the games, as you can see from the above screen shot. In the ‘New & Rising’ section on the Windows Store, as you can see from the above screenshot, 4 out of 8 new apps are Flappy Bird clones, with different names – Flappy Birds HD, Flappy Bird 8, Flappy Bird HD and many others. In the ‘New & Rising’ section on the Windows Store there are featured 1,000 Windows 8 apps and from my basic calculation, around 20% are Flappy Bird clones

Considering the fact that there are now more than four million daily downloads from the Windows Store, I wonder how many of these contain Flappy Bird copycats… Despite the fact that Microsoft said it will start removing cloned and spam apps from the Store, it seems to me sometimes that there’s no control at all over the new apps that get approved for publication. Of course, when it comes to such apps as “Word Online” that infringe some of Microsoft’s most notorious products, they swiftly remove them.

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