Windows 8, 10 Apps Flight Hero & AirScanner Released, Download Now

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Your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 device can become a true help in your travels if you know the right apps for it. And, of course, in order to plan your travel really well, you need some flight apps to help you out with that. Meet Flight Hero and AirScanner.
flight hero windows 8
Previously, we have featured some other interesting Windows 8 flight apps that you could try in order to search for cheap flights or just for flight tracking, such as FlightRadar 24 and the popular SkyScanner application. Now, two new important flight-related apps have made their way into the Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users. One of them is called FlightHero and is quite popular on other mobile platforms and the other one is AirScanner, not that known, but still with good functionality.

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FlightHero lands in the Windows Store for flight tracking

FlightHero is a flight-tracking app that provides a real time flight status information and helps you to know flight status, lets you to track a flight. Aware of the fact that is also shows a real time flight-board with arrivals and departures, airport traffic delays and a current airport weather in addition to a 10 day detailed weather forecast.

FlightHero has launched only the paid version of their service but there’s a free trial available, as well, so you can try it out and see if it performs as expected. Just like FlightRadar 24, the app will provide eal time flight status information so you will be able to know when a flight leaves, when and where it arrives, and even have a look at the weather forecast.

According to the developer of FlightHero, this is app comes with the largest coverage for flights, airports and airlines: 1550 airlines and 17,000 airports around the world. Of course, there’s a feature in the app that lets you find closest airports to you within 200 km. You will also be able to share you flight status, see terminal plans and seat maps, as well as to add flights and airports to favorites.

Use AirScanner to search for available flights

airscanner windows 8

Search flights worldwide! AirScanner helps find the best deals, then you arrange reservations for airline tickets!

While AirScanner isn’t as advanced as FlightHero for Windows 8, it still comes with some useful features that will transform your Windows 8 devices into a real flight search help. It comes with the lowest price map and you will be able to search flights from over 1000 airlines around the world. Despite being apparently developed by an independent developer, AirScanner for Windows 8 feels really premium with high-quality content. Follow the links from below to download both apps on your Windows 8 desktop and touch devices.

Download FlightHero app for Windows 8/Windows 8.1
Download AirScanner app for Windows 8/Windows 8.1


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