Enterprise customers can now use the Fluid Framework Preview

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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fluid framework public preview

Microsoft has a long-standing history of constantly trying to improve its products, and one of the best examples is how it is trying to improve Office 365 through the use of Fluid Frameworks.

The concept was first introduced at Build 2019. Later at Ignite 2019, the Public Preview was introduced for end-users and developers.

Ever since then, they’ve tweaked all the bugs and issues and have taken into account the customer feedback.

This eventually lead to Microsoft revealing that the Fluid Framework Public Preview will be available to all Office 365 enterprise users.

Why is Fluid Framework so important?

According to Microsoft, Fluid Framework is capable of the following:

  • First, experiences powered by the Fluid Framework will support multi-person coauthoring on web and document content at a speed and scale not yet achieved in the industry.
  • Second, it provides a componentized document model that allows authors to deconstruct content into collaborative building blocks, use them across applications, and combine them in a new, more flexible kind of document.
  • Third, the Fluid Framework makes room for intelligent agents to work alongside humans to translate text, fetch content, suggest edits, perform compliance checks, and more.

The overall plan, in the long run, is to make his technology broadly available to developers. Additionally, they want to integrate it into Microsoft 365 experiences like Word, Teams, and Outlook.

No additional information is available regarding any new features or updates.

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