Microsoft FM Radio app for Windows 10 Mobile is a thing of the past

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Here’s something bound to upset at least a certain segment of the Windows 10 user base: Microsoft has gotten rid of the FM Radio app in the latest Build of the OS for distributed to those Fast Ring pipe.

So far, several users have reported that they are unable to find the FM Radio app in the newest Windows 10 Mobile build. At first, it was thought to be a bug, but that is no longer the case after a member of Microsoft’s Insider team confirmed their plans of getting rid of the app on Twitter:

While Microsoft has decided to do away with the official FM Radio app going forward, users can still take advantage of third-party offerings from the Windows Store. We’re not sure why Microsoft chose to stop development of its FM Radio app but chances are, it has collected data that shows exactly how often users are really listening to the built-in FM app compared to those offered from the Windows Store.

For comparison’s sake, Android and iOS does not have a built-in FM Radio app so it shouldn’t affect Microsoft in any way if it fully goes ahead with the plan to end the app’s existence. However, some users are already complaining that Microsoft is forcing them to use third-party apps that are filled with advertisements instead of something that is clean.

Time will tell if what Microsoft is doing here will turn out to be a good thing. In our minds, Windows 10 Mobile users will learn to live without the official FM Radio app. There are several good ones from the store both paid and ad-supported. We recommend checking out the Heart FM Radio app from the Window Store, available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10.

This is not the only app Microsoft has decided to remove from its mobile operating system. The software giant is planning to completely remove the PDF Reader app as well as a way to push users towards using Edge more. Speaking of radio, here are some of the best apps and tools to listen to Internet Radio in Windows 10.


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