Football Manager 17 injury rate is unrealistic, gives headaches to gamers

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Football Manager 2017 is a football simulation game where players assume the role of the head coach and attempt to take their team to glory through a competitive season. The newest installment of the franchise feels so real that players actually get the impression they’re on a real football field. The game pressure gradually mounts up as they stand on the sidelines, waiting for their players to use the game tactics they developed and score as many goals as possible.

Unfortunately, Football Manager 2017 appears to be plagued by one major issue that threatens to completely spoil the overall game experience. Staying true to its football simulation nature, the game also simulates injuries and sometimes, players get injured. As a result, they are unavailable for a certain period of time, just like in real life football.

The problem is that many gamers complain that the injury rate is unrealistic. They report that the injury rate is too high preventing the game from feeling feel authentic anymore.

I’m 6 games into the season and i get 1 or 2 injuries per game im top of the injury table with 10 players out and the closest team to me is watford with 3 how is it good we have all the injuries but A.I doesn’

While some gamers are truly outraged by this issue, others consider their fellow gamers are a bit too harsh and should accept that the random injury system sometimes works to their detriment. While some are willing to take this as a challenge and continue playing Football Manager 2017, the fact is that the injury rate still remains too high.

Roll of the dice, injuries happen, sometimes lots, other times none, accept the challenge. Maybe you have get stuck in for tactics and close down more, maybe training is too high, player more prone to injury, any number of factors, just deal with it like a manager

Until the game’s developer comes out with an official patch or solution, gamers who consider Football Manager 2017 too difficult to play can use the in-game editor and remove injuries altogether. While this is not the perfect solution, it allows gamers to completely avoid injuries.