For Honor’s Assassin class is too strong, players want nerfs

by Edgar Nicov
Edgar Nicov
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With For Honor, instead of a more typical FPS or MOBA-styled game, we have an interesting melee action-fighting game for all platforms instead.

Nevertheless, users are reporting various bugs, connectivity issues and loopholes. In addition, some classes have been deemed as overpowered and the community is asking for nerfs.

Is the Assassin class affecting balance in For Honor?

One player talked about his concerns about a few in-game heroes and the mechanics they utilize to easily win matches:

‘Guys i think one of the biggest problem of this game is , assasins. They’re agile they can attack fast as they want also they can block like a heavy guy. Isnt this total crap? An Assasins can block every single move somehow (parry , dodge , block) it shouldnt be like this. For a simple , assasins shouldnt be able to block Raider’s Fury or a heavy attack combo. I really dont know i am wrong about this also their health not as low as it must be. If assasins know how to play the game heavy dudes have no chance at all.’

This player’s opinion is that the Orochi (Samurai), Beserker (Vikings) and Peacekeeper (Knights) are not balanced enough for the present battle modes. Due to their speed, agility and powerful counter attacks, they have a great advantage over slower classes.

Of course, the player’s skill and knowledge of in-game mechanics are still important. However, in one-on-one and two-on-two duels, Assasins are the most-played class and that can affect the game’s diversity. And if you have someone with similar or greater skill of playing Orochi against you, the win chances furiously decline.

Other community members mostly agree with the original poster, and a few of them named additional classes that affect the game’s meta and that are in need of a buff.

We hope Ubisoft will acknowledge community views and optimize the game. At the end of the day, the players are those whose opinion is most important.

What do you think about these claims? Are there any other balance changes you’d like to see in the upcoming patches?