For Honor P2P architecture causes connectivity bugs and supports cheaters

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For Honor relies on P2P connectivity, not on dedicated servers. For this reason, there are many potential issues that may affect the game, ranging from severe security problems to cheats.

For Honor P2P — Pandora’s box

First off, every game client sees the IP address of the other players. Secondly, cheaters can use a lag switch to gain certain advantages. For example, if you use a lag switch, you can fool your opponents into thinking that you’re still in front of them, then freeze the image and sneak behind them to deliver the final blow.

Ubisoft recently published a post confirming its zero tolerance policy for cheaters. The company explained that is has active solutions in place to prevent and to detect new For Honor cheats, leveraging the knowledge collected on previous games.

Our systems and our teams are working constantly to improve the anti-cheating process, in order to quickly identify any behavior that can affect your player experience, and we’d like to remind you that any help coming from you by reporting cheaters is really valuable.[…]

We strongly believe in providing a fair and welcoming environment to everyone, but are also well aware that it’s only the beginning of the fight. That’s why we don’t take decisions lightly and have already banned some players.

Since there are no dedicated servers, the game’s stability depends on your host’s Internet connection. As a result, the probability of encountering various connectivity issues increases, as players already confirm.

It’s getting bad ratings because of all the connectivity problems in multiplayer. When you’re connected it’s great, but when you get kicked it’s enraging.

Speaking of connectivity problems, there are also many error codes that often appear on the screen, including network errors 0004000004, 0004000008 and 0006000037. And this is not all, as players report that the game often freezes, forcing them to gaze at a motionless screen until the connection is reestablished.

For more information about the potential issues caused by the P2P connectivity architecture, check out the video below:



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