Forza Horizon 3 download issues reported on Windows 10 PC

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Forza Horizon 3 is one of the most eagerly awaited Windows 10 games. The game was officially launched on September 27 to its fan’s delight. Unfortunately, just one day after the game was made available to the general public, many complained they couldn’t download it on their Windows 10 PCs.

Download issues were reported in the Early Access period as well, but it appears the problem hasn’t really been fixed yet since the download process starts without any problem but then suddenly gets stuck.

Gamers report Forza Horizon 3 download issues

Having the same issue but gets stuck on 2.84 MB. When I cancel the download the Windows Store crashes and won’t allow me to re-open it again.

Other users confirmed the download usually hangs on 2.84 MB for a period and suggested the download process be left as it is in the hopes it would automatically resume later. Unfortunately, for some users, this solution didn’t work at all: “Left it for hours and it stayed the same and it’s definitely not my internet speeds going at 100Mbps.”

Gamers also report being asked to purchase the game although they previously paid for it, while other users report they couldn’t get the game because the download button was not available.

It appears that in order to be able to download and properly run Forza Horizon 3, you need to install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

First update the version of your windows 10 then it will be available.I also had  a same prroblem but after I updated my windows 10 version I am able to download it.

Judging by gamer feedback, it appears that neither Microsoft nor the developer clearly mention this piece of information. In the Store, Windows 10 is listed as the required OS, but there’s no mention concerning the Anniversary Update. Let us hope this is only a temporary issue and not the OS version itself causing these download problems.

Have you already downloaded Forza Horizon 3 on your PC? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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I can’t Evan downlode it!! I spoke with a tech support and got a refund for it. I’ll re buy it when this issue is resolved, I was hoping to play all week end.

i got stuck at 2.31GB for hours now, and it’s still stucked there… :V don’t know what to do, i really want to play this game, but it is too buggy… i was expecting more from this game!!

Just bought Forza Horizon 3, unable to download it…period, no links no nothing, support says yep its an issue and to just wait. I wanted a refund anf was denied, told to wait. Are you freaking kidding me here? Worst support I’ve ever seen.

Same spent 1 hr on the phone with tech support. All I wanted was a download link.
All too hard. Ask for a refund. No.
Last Microsoft game purchase I’ll ever make.
Gimme Steam any day.

Same issue with forza 6 Apex. Also when i update to Windows anniversary update i get system and explorer freezes! no thanks Microsoft! sort it out (presuming you are reading this! 🙂